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Hiro Nakamura/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Hiro Nakamura during Season Two.

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Character History

Four Months Later...

Hiro is in feudal Japan. He narrowly escapes death by freezing time, taking Takezo Kensei with him. It turns out that he did not save Takezo Kensei, but a stand in. The real Takezo gets upset that he frightened away his stand in. Hiro then calls him a hero, to which Takezo is surprised, but Hiro is surprised that Takezo is English. Hiro and Takezo later walk to Otsu, and on the way Hiro finds out that his childhood hero is not as heroic as he imagined.


In the past, Hiro asks around looking for Takezo and finds him drunk. Hiro dunks Takezo's head in a trough and tells him that he needs to go after Yaeko and save her. He explains that before he came back in time Takezo was supposed to be a great warrior and that she would become his princess. Takezo tells Hiro that he looks like a fish when he talks and Hiro dunks his head in the trough again. Hiro laments that he already ruined the past and that if Takezo won't be a hero then he'll have to. He takes Takezo's outfit and rides off.

Hiro, dressed as Takezo Kensei, calls out to Whitebeard's men demanding that they leave Yaeko alone. The leader asks Hiro how he can boast of his swordsmanship when he doesn't even have a sword. Hiro tells him that he doesn't need a sword because he has all of their swords. He uses his ability to stop time and take all the swords from the men. The men take aim with their bows and Hiro laughs and tells them they shouldn't. Before they can fire, Hiro stops time again and takes their bows and arrows from them. He tells them to leave before he takes their clothes next. The men run off as Hiro suggests they refer to this as "The Battle of Twelve Swords." Yaeko, believing Hiro to be Takezo, thanks him. Hiro asks Yaeko to ride back with him. The two dismount the horse and Yaeko apologizes to Hiro for thinking that Takezo had just left with their money. He promises to rescue Yaeko's father. They enter a clearing surrounded by cherry blossoms and talk about their beauty. Yaeko asks Hiro to take off his mask, but Hiro tells her that she disarms him and that he shouldn't. He tells her that his love for her will be legendary. After stopping time and taking off his mask, Hiro disappears.

Hiro looks for Takezo, who is angry that Hiro stole his armor. Hiro explains that he needed to use it to save Yaeko and to make people think that Takezo was a hero. Hiro explains that "Kensei" disarmed 11 men and rescued a beautiful woman. Takezo is skeptical, but Yaeko enters and thanks Takezo, telling him that he forgot his sword. She tells him that they must go rescue her father now. Takezo tells Hiro that apparently listening to him will earn him more reward and asks him to make him a hero. They exit and are confronted by the men from earlier. The men shoot Takezo with three arrows and leave with Yaeko. Hiro pulls an arrow from Takezo and soon notices that the wound heals itself.


Hiro communicates with Ando by writing a series of letters and hiding them in the hilt of the Kensei sword. He tells Ando about his life in 1671.

Hiro talks with Kensei and explains that they are both "special". Kensei dismisses the thought and calls Hiro a devil. Later Hiro sees Kensei testing his power and talks to him about it. Hiro explains that powers should be used for ethical reasons, not for financial gain. Hiro then teleports Kensei to a temple where the ninety angry ronin protect the Fire Scroll. Hiro than teleports away. Later he is talking to Yaeko; she thinks that Kensei has two personalities, one of them actually being Hiro. Hiro writes to Ando that he has fallen in love with Yaeko and instead of leaving, he will stay in Otsu a little bit longer.

Graphic Novel:The Trial of the Black Bear

Hiro is a small, cat-like creature who is the sidekick to Takezo Kensei. They are trying to capture the map to Whitebeard's camp, which is held by the Black Bear of Sakashita. A cub holds the map while its mother is distracted chasing Kensei. This gives Hiro a chance to grab the map.

Fight or Flight

Ando brings the scrolls from Hiro to Tatsuya Atsumi, who tells Ando it's authentic. Ando tells him that a few scrolls are damaged and he must know what they say. After some work, Tatsuya puts it under a microscope to show the hidden characters. On the scroll, it tells Hiro's tale of helping Kensei. Kensei and Hiro run up to Yaeko with another fragment of the tapestry to find Whitebeard's camp and help find Yaeko's father.

The Line

Ando and Tatsuya Atsumi continue to read Hiro's scrolls. Hiro continues his story of his quest with Kensei and Yaeko while they are on Kiso Mountain. The day before they invade Whitebeard's camp, Hiro asks Yaeko not to go into battle, but she insists that when she is with Kensei, she cannot be harmed. She wonders where they will find her father, and Hiro recalls the tale that Kensei found him in the tent that smolders. She insists that they cannot guess when Kensei arrives, telling her that her father is in the smoldering tent. Yaeko shoots Hiro a look, and he tells the couple that they should begin to get ready.

Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko approach Whitebeard's camp to find the swordsmith. Kensei knocks out a guard, and the three run into the tent to find Yaeko's father. Hiro introduces himself, and introduces Kensei as well. They try to remove the chains holding the swordsmith in place, but he tells them they must not, because he needs to destroy Whitebeard's guns. Hiro asks where he was able to get guns since the emperor banned them, but the swordsmith tells Hiro that he showed Whitebeard how to make them in exchange for Yaeko's safety. He explains that Whitebeard intends on overthrowing the emperor, and Hiro remarks that Kensei must save Japan by destroying the guns. Kensei nods, and begins to hack at the chains.

After sunrise, Hiro, Yaeko, Kensei and the swordsmith run away, with Kensei killing many men in their way. Guards alert of the attack, and Whitebeard fires a rifle towards the invading party. The bullet nearly hits Hiro or Yaeko, but Hiro teleports the two to safety. Yaeko asks what happened, and how the two were moved from where they were. Hiro tells her they must find Kensei, but she asks Hiro if he was able to move them, then realizes that Hiro has been doing amazing things around her, including the Battle of Twelve Swords and their moment under the cherry blossoms. She asks if Hiro loves her, and he tells her very much. She tells Hiro that everything she loved in Kensei was in fact Hiro, and begins to kiss Hiro. Hiro freezes time, and wonders about the space-time continuum, but then unfreezes time and kisses Yaeko. Kensei, standing from a distance, sees the two kiss. Later, Hiro finds Kensei after searching for hours, but Kensei reveals that he saw Hiro kiss Yaeko. Hiro apologizes, and urges Kensei to fulfill his destiny. As Hiro walks away, he is knocked unconscious by Kensei.

Out of Time

Hiro goes to destroy White Beard's guns to save Japan. Hiro tells Yaeko to go and wait for hi under the cherry blossoms. In the tent containing the guns, Hiro is confronted by Kensei. The two begin to have a swordfight, knocking over a lantern in the process. Hiro is able to knock Kensei down, but when he discovers that barrels of gunpowder have caught fire, he tells Kensei to grab his hand so they can escape. But Kensei, due to his newfound hatred of Hiro, will not go. Hiro teleports out, and the tent explodes with Kensei inside. Hiro goes to meet Yaeko and tells her of Kensei's demise. She tells him that as far as she was concerned, Hiro was Kensei. She promises to spread the stories of Kensei (with the ending that Hiro had heard in the stories, that ended with Kensei cutting out his heart to save Japan and his princess.) The two kiss and Hiro teleports back to the Yamagato Industries building to see Ando. He gives Ando Kensei's helmet. Hiro is thrilled to hear that they had stopped the explosion in New York. He wants to tell his father of all his journeys in Japan, but is shocked to hear his father was murdered.

Cautionary Tales

Hiro attends his father's funeral and Japanese tradition states that the eldest son is the first to give an eulogy. He refuses to give the eulogy because doing so would mean he accepted his father's death. Hiro returns to the rooftop the day of the murder and listens in on the conversation between Kaito and Angela Petrelli. Kaito mentions that the Company had killed many people and the murderer was seeking revenge on them. After Angela leaves, Hiro confronts his father and attempts to convince him that its not worth dying for. Hiro and Kaito travel back 17 years to the day of Hiro's mother's and Kaito's wife's funeral to show him how much pain he was feeling for his death, just as his father did for his mother.

Hiro encounters his younger self who is fighting with a sword as Takezo Kensei and gives him some words of advice. Hiro admits that he was childish and returns his father to the future. Hiro seemingly disappears from the roof and the killer appears. Just as the killer pushes Kaito over the edge, time stops and Hiro emerges from the darkness. If he could not save his father, he could still find out who the killer was. And Hiro does as he sees the face of Adam Monroe under the hood.

Hiro returns to his father's funeral and repeats that he cannot give an eulogy because his father is still alive in him.

Truth & Consequences

Hiro and Ando find out more about Kensei and that he has been using the new name Adam Monroe. Hiro travels back to 1977 and finds out that Adam was imprisoned by Kaito, Hiro's father, after he almost released a deadly virus. Hiro finds out where the virus is being kept and travels to Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas. He arrives with the intention of killing Adam, only to find that Peter Petrelli is accompanying Adam. Peter says he cannot let Hiro kill Adam, and at the very end of the episode Hiro cries out and runs towards Peter with his sword drawn, ready to attack.


Hiro tries to convince Peter Petrelli that Adam Monroe wants to release the Shanti virus, not destroy it, but Peter is unconvinced and, despite Hiro's teleportation ability, manages to knock Hiro out twice--once with lightning and once with telekinesis. While Matt Parkman and Nathan Petrelli try and reason with Peter, Hiro confronts Adam in the vault where the virus is kept. Before Adam can open the vial containing the virus, Hiro teleports them both away. Left behind, the vial falls to the floor, but is caught by Peter's telekinesis before it can shatter.

Ando finds Hiro in a cubicle at Yamagato Industries, and asks about Adam. Hiro cryptically replies that Adam will never harm anyone again. Adam is then shown inside a coffin in an unmarked grave in Aoyama Cemetery, buried alive and screaming for Hiro to let him out.

Graphic Novel:The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

Trapped in the coffin Hiro left him in, Adam Monroe remembers how he has outlived and survived all of the world's greatest men and women other than Hiro Nakamura.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Years ago, Hiro listened to his father tell stories about Takezo Kensei, including one in which Kensei breaks the Sword of Oni to settle a petty dispute. Later, Hiro attends Kaito's funeral with his sister.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Members of a Company support team discuss their pasts during a mission with Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap. One of the team's members, Rosetti, comments that before this mission, he was stationed under Yamagato, "keeping tabs on Nakamura's son".

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne watches Hiro and Ando argue through a camera feed on her cell phone.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro peacocks in front of the mirror at the Burnt Toast Diner, "head-over-heels" in love with Charlie, though he doesn't know her last name. (Chapter 1)
  • Hiro meets Charlie at the Burnt Toast Diner after driving for a long time. He is smitten with her, though he has difficulty talking to her partly because of the language barrier, and partly because he is shy and socially awkward. After flirting with her, he heads to the bathroom to work up the courage to ask her out. When he comes out of the bathroom, Charlie has been murdered and Hiro realizes that it was destiny that he met Charlie. (Chapter 2)
  • Hiro recalls telling his high school guidance counselor that he wanted to be a Bushido warrior instead of joining his father's company when he grows up. However, he did join his father at Yamagato. While there, one day he was able to stop time, and later even teleported to Times Square in the future. While there, he found Isaac Mendez murdered. (Chapter 3)
  • In the present, Hiro watches as Charlie's body is taken away. He insists to Ando that he needs to go back to the past and save Charlie. (Chapter 4)
  • Hiro thinks about his father and a plaque he kept that said, "This is not a fairy tale." Hiro agrees that there are no happy endings because everybody dies in the end, but Hiro is more interested in "the happiness in the middle". (Chapter 5)
  • Hiro accidentally thinks he has time traveled a day in the past to save Charlie, but he has accidentally traveled to April 24, 2006, the day of Charlie's birthday party. He feels he has made the biggest mistake of his life. (Chapter 6)
  • Hiro takes stock of the positive things he has: a motel room, his ability to stop time, Charlie being alive, and a lot of money in his bank account. However, he is still frustrated with his inability to communicate with Charlie, so he decides to buy her a Japanese phrase book, the one that she said she received for her birthday. (Chapter 7)
  • Hiro spends almost $600 at the mall, and is excited to find a comic book store that sells Robogirl comics. He has a connection with Robogirl, and decides to continue one with his mission to save Charlie, despite being away from home, scared, and alone. (Chapter 8)
  • Hiro is tosses and turns, unable to sleep at his motel room, so he stays up snacking. In the morning, he wakes up late, but goes to the Burnt Toast Diner and gives Charlie the Japanese phrase book he bought the day before. Hiro applies for a job as a busboy, meets Lynette, and decides to go apartment hunting. (Chapter 9)
  • Hiro remembers his father giving a mandatory survey each year, and then using the survey to point out Hiro's lack of ambition. (Chapter 10)
  • Hiro contemplates how to talk to Charlie about her enhanced memory, and reflects that she is the only person who might understand what it's like to be a person with abilities. Hiro goes apartment hunting, and meets Mr. Roiz, his future landlord. He leases a very small apartment in Midland, and invites Charlie over for a housewarming. (Chapter 11)
  • Hiro gets ready for the housewarming at his apartment. He's not sure if this is a date with Charlie, or just getting together. Either way, he frets over every detail, from general cleanliness of the apartment to wearing the perfect underwear. He finally calms down and opens the door to let Charlie in. (Chapter 12)
  • Hiro entertains Charlie at his apartment's housewarming. He tells Charlie about Robogirl and tells Charlie that they remind him of each other. He teaches Charlie about the Bushido code and shares stories about Takezo Kensei. As Charlie and Hiro drink wine, Hiro is "profoundly affected" by her touch and can't move for some time. Instead, he opens up to her about his relationship with Kaito. He resolves to make sure Charlie gets the chance to see the world. (Chapter 13)
  • Hiro and Charlie continue their housewarming get-together at Hiro's apartment, drinking wine and eating pizza. As they wrap up their evening, Hiro both dreads and anticipates kissing Charlie at the end of the night. He plans to "be tender, yet masterful." He thanks her for the gift she gave him, then worries that he inadvertently made a dirty joke. When Charlie touches his arm, his knees buckle, and he blames his clumsiness on the alcohol. Charlie gently kisses Hiro's cheek, and leaves. Hiro stands at the door for awhile, partly because he has become aroused, and partly because he doesn't want the evening to end. (Chapter 14)
  • Hiro thinks that his time working at the Burnt Toast Diner is some of the best of his life. He enjoys getting to know the rest of the staff and the customers, and enjoys when Bob names a "meatball Hiro" after him. Hiro's only downside is being around Lloyd, who is possibly dating Charlie. Hiro remembers Lloyd belittling Hiro to a diner regular, and Charlie defending him passively aggressively. In the storeroom where Charlie will one day be murdered, Hiro watches her reach for things on high shelves. When Lloyd asks her out to a baseball game, Hiro expresses his interest (just to her) in going to the game since he and his father used to watch the Swallows play. Charlie invites a lot of people to crash the "date", and Hiro realizes that he shouldn't be worried about Charlie's interest in Lloyd. (Chapter 15)
  • Hiro remembers having an awkward conversation with his father about sex at his childhoood home, but enjoying the book he got that was meant for girls going through puberty. In Midland, Hiro visits Charlie's apartment for the first time, and is impressed with all the items she has from around the world. Hiro looks through Charlie's photo album and especially enjoys photos of Charlie in her Catholic school uniform, and in a bikini. When Hiro sees a photo of Barbie Travis and learns about her murder in 1976, he wonders if Barbie's murder and Charlie's eventual murder are connected or just a coincidence. He tries to enjoy watching The Ring with Charlie, but he is distracted thinking of death. (Chapter 16)
  • The summer before he goes to 9th grade, Hiro goes to Madrid with his father, and hates the bullfight that he sees. He prefers to hide behind his video camera so the bullfight doesn't seem so real. In more recent times, Hiro recalls walking into Isaac's loft and seeing his mutilated body, and a painting of the destruction of New York City. Even though these "gruesome images" seem real and inevitable to him, he is able to put them out of his mind, and imagine them as events in the panels of a comic book. However, the murder of Charlie felt real to him. So far, all he had accomplished in Midland was to become a busboy at a diner and to get a "crappy apartment". He chides himself for being a terrible Bushido and a terrible superhero and decides it is "time to get serious". He heads to Music City Mall. (Chapter 17)
  • PJ inspires Hiro to tell Charlie the truth as a way to convince her about her future murder. He hems and haws about this decision, but ultimately decides that the only way to save Charlie would be to make her believe he can stop time. (Chapter 18)
  • Hiro tries various ways to stop time and convince Charlie he has a superpower, but she only believes that he is performing some kind of magic trick. This belief leads him to perform actual magic trick's at Sammy's birthday party. Frustrated and depressed, Hiro tries telling Charlie the flat-out truth, "I have a power. You have a power, too—your memory." He says, "I'm trying to save your life," but Charlie simply doesn't respond. (Chapter 19)
  • Hiro plays with a receipt and idly folds it into a paper airplane. He thinks about the ancient Japanese tradition of origami and recalls that a person who makes a thousand paper cranes would be granted one wish. Hiro decides to stop time once more and make 999 cranes. He finally convinces Charlie of his superpower, and Charlie makes the final crane. She makes a wish, then kisses Hiro softly. He is excited to kiss his first girl, and he kisses her back. But suddenly, he finds himself in his cubicle at Yamagato. (Chapter 20)
  • Having accidentally teleported to Tokyo, Hiro is relieved to find that he didn't time travel, also. Scared to teleport back, Hiro uses his Yamagato corporate card to buy a last-minute flight to Midland for $8,756. Before leaving, he runs into Ando and realizes that there are two Hiro Nakamuras in Tokyo at the moment. Hiro can't resist telling Ando that he has met and kissed a girl, but refrains from telling Ando the girl's name or anything about his ability to time travel. When Ando offers advice for making girls happy, all Hiro can think of is getting back to saving Charlie, and possibly getting another kiss. (Chapter 21)
  • Hiro goes to the Narita Airport and decides to get a gift for Charlie. He purchases a reproduction of one of the Kensei Tapestries, and thinks about his "love connection" with Charlie. When he arrives at the diner the next day, he is disheveled, but anxious to reconnect with Charlie. He walks in hoping for a warm welcome, but only receives the cold shoulder from his friends. Charlie is angry with him for leaving, so Hiro explains that he accidentally teleported to Tokyo. They reconcile, and Hiro tells Charlie she looks beautiful, despite her tears and red eyes. Just then, Lloyd comes out of the bathroom and knocks out Hiro for hurting Charlie. (Chapter 22)
  • Hiro revives from his one punch knockout and wonders if every jerk in America acts like Lloyd. He talks with Charlie and explains that he traveled through space but not time. He admits that his time travel ability is unpredictable, but that he can freeze time without any problems. To demonstrate, he freezes time and takes Charlie back to her apartment, gives her the Kensei and the Dragon reproduction, and tells her the story of Kensei's sacrifice for his princess. Though that story has a sad ending, Hiro promises that his story with Charlie is just beginning. (Chapter 23)
  • Hiro goes to the Midland County Fair with Charlie and meets Quincy Carrot-Muncher and Lloyd (but not together). Lloyd and Hiro grow jealous of each other and play a carnival game to see who can win Charlie a teddy bear. Hiro briefly considers stopping time to ensure a victory, but then decides that he should do as baseball player Yao Ayakawa would do and plays fairly. Hiro wins against Lloyd, but still wonders about Charlie's past with him. (Chapter 24)
  • When he was eleven, Hiro had a crush on his sister's best friend, Tami Oyoki. She would treat him kindly and he would draw pictures for her. Hiro was heartbroken to watch Tami get in the car with an older boy, and then was completely crushed when he found his picture crumpled in the trash.

    After the fair, Hiro and Charlie go to the Dairy Queen where teenagers often make out. Hiro is both fascinated and horrified to watch a teenager make out openly and intimately with his girlfriend. Hiro tries not to focus on the teenager, and instead tells Charlie how he relates to Robogirl and her doomed love life—that sometimes it feels like everybody else is settling into relationships, yet Hiro is "just stumbling around in little circles". Hiro asks about Lloyd and is relieved to find out that Charlie and Lloyd are just friends. He kisses Charlie passionately, and worries about premature ejaculation. (Chapter 25)

  • On the way to Hiro's apartment, Hiro convinces Charlie that her enhanced memory is actually a gift, that she can use it to change the world. Hiro explains that "all superpowers have both good and bad sides." They kiss. (Chapter 26)
  • Hiro enjoys his summer with Charlie and is excited spend time with her. They play chess and bet against men in the park. Meanwhile, Hiro brainstorms several different ways to save Charlie from the "Brain Man", including getting her arrested, burning down the diner, chaining her up in the basement, drugging her, and beating her with a leg of lamb. He finally decides to take her to Japan. (Chapter 27)
  • Hiro buys two tickets to Japan, excited that they will be getting there in time for the Japanese celebration of the autumnal equinox. He freezes time and decorates Charlie's apartment like a Japanese garden. Hiro and Charlie make sushi together, and he is excited when she calls him her boyfriend. At dinner, Hiro surprises Charlie with the ticket to Japan, and admits to himself that he is in love with her. (Chapter 28)
  • Hiro sighs and moons over Charlie. (Chapter 29)
  • At the Jackalope Ice House, Hiro is excited that his dancing girlfriend Charlie is both "soft [and] sweet", and "wild and crazy". However, Hiro is self-conscious when Charlie asks him to dance. All that changes when another man asks Charlie to dance — Hiro jealously defends himself, saying, "She's dancing with me". They dance to "Achy Breaky Heart", and Hiro realizes that Charlie likes him despite his clumsy dancing. They slow dance to an Alison Krauss song, and Hiro enjoys being physically close to Charlie. (Chapter 30)
  • At Lynette's Labor Day Barbecue Blowout, Hiro is ready to party, but suddenly feels self-conscious when he sees some "enormous rippling Texas farmhands" without their shirts. He goes to the bathroom to do some push-ups to "fire up his guns", but then realizes that he will be seeing Charlie in her bikini. Excited to watch her strip down, he has to return to the bathroom, a little too excited. He thinks about having sex with her, but doesn't want to rush things. As his entire sexual history is with her over the past four weeks, he decides to take things slow, figuring the two of them would have their whole lives to move their relationship forward. (Chapter 31)
  • Charlie's passport arrives in the mail, and although Hiro is excited to have figures out a way to keep Charlie safe from "Brain Man", he can't relax until she is actually saved. While getting ready for their trip to Japan, Charlie screams out that she has been attacked by a brown recluse spider. Hiro gently teases her alarm, but takes her to the hospital anyway. They wait for hours in the ER, and Hiro is emotional while watching the movie Rudy. The doctor sees Charlie, and then they leave to go back to Hiro's apartment. (Chapter 32)
  • Hiro watches a movie with Charlie, and then insists that she sleep over. He frets about sleeping in the same bed as her, recognizing that he is not a "sex machine". In bed, Hiro tickles Charlie, kisses her, and then puts his hand under her shirt. As things get heated, Hiro suddenly and accidentally teleports somewhere else. (Chapter 33)
  • Hiro finds himself about three weeks in the past, in a morgue in LA. He sees James Walker's hemicapitated body, and realizes that he has gotten distracted from his mission to save Charlie. (Chapter 34)
  • Hiro travels back to Midland and spends time in a hotel waiting until time "catches up" with him. He goes to Charlie's apartment and finds that she greets him, but is not as affectionate as her normal self. (Chapter 35)
  • Charlie and Hiro have a terse conversation; Charlie insists that she's not mad, but Hiro feels that she is. Hiro tries to talk about Robogirl, but that only makes Charlie angrier. Hiro tries to talk tenderly to Charlie, and that seems to calm Charlie down, but things in their relationship are still on edge. (Chapter 36)
  • The next morning, Hiro is relieved to see that Charlie is affectionate, but is shocked when she goes on a date with Lloyd. (Chapter 37)
  • Hiro grabs a ride home with Lynette, who reassures him that Charlie just needs some time. At Hiro's apartment, Mr. Roiz tries to help Hiro by giving him a Viagra, but Hiro just flushes the erection pill down the toilet. Hiro turns to PJ, who tells Hiro to be honest with Charlie and speak to her from his heart. (Chapter 38)
  • Over a friendly game of chess, Hiro implores Charlie to go to Japan, even if it's not with him. Charlie tells him about the blood clot in her brain, and Hiro remembers his father's plaque, "This is not a fairy tale," and that there are no happy endings. He expresses his love for Charlie, then accidentally teleports to Yamagato to a day after Charlie's murder. Hiro feels he has failed. (Chapter 39)
  • Hiro is distraught, feeling he has failed in his mission to save Charlie. He takes courage in thinking of the heroism shown by Takezo Kensei following the Bushido code, and realizes he can't give up. Hiro successfully teleports to the Burnt Toast Diner ... (Chapter 40)
  • ... on February 19, 1976, where he meets Barbie Travis. He then teleports to Barbie's funeral. (Chapter 41)
  • At Barbie's funeral, Hiro sees a painting of St. Nicasius, whose head has been hemicapitated. He takes this as a sign that he needs to get back to Charlie, so he time travels back to July 2006 and walks to Charlie's apartment. (Chapter 42)
  • Hiro studies and learns about St. Nicasius, the process of trepanning, and the practice used by the Zapotec to steal their enemies' power. He suddenly finds himself transported to a horrific scene where a Zapotec shaman is about to kill a man by trepanning him. Hiro teleports to an open grave. (Chapter 43)
  • The grave Hiro finds himself at belongs to Satsu, a former love of a teenaged Kaito Nakamura, who is distraught. He then teleports to the execution of Merle Eckels. (Chapter 44)
  • His ability out of control, Hiro teleports to various places, unable to stop the rapid jerking through time and space. Finally he uses all his concentration to get back to July 1, 2006, around the time that he first kissed Charlie ... (Chapter 45)
  • ... but finds himself at a zoo in Los Angeles instead of a diner in Midland. He meets Molly and James Walker. (Chapter 46)
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