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Sandra Bennet/Season One

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This article archives the history of Sandra Bennet during Season One.

For more about Sandra Bennet, see the main article.

For Sandra Bennet's Season Two history, see here.

For Sandra Bennet's Season Three history, see here.

For Sandra Bennet's Season Four history, see here.

Character History


Mrs. Bennet has dinner with her two children. When she asks about their days, Lyle says he saw a homeless man that he and his friends thought was dead. Claire then tells her that she walked through fire, but didn't get burned. Mrs. Bennet thinks Claire is speaking metaphorically and praises her for her bravery.

Later, she asks Claire to accompany her to the mall that weekend and Claire agrees. Mrs. Bennet believes that Claire thinks she's trying to be her best friend again, but Claire reassures her. The two then have a heart-to heart talk about the importance of knowing who you are, and Claire asks her mother about her birth parents.


Mrs. Bennet comes downstairs with Mr. Muggles and calls for Claire, saying that she has made waffles. She calls for Claire a second time, then asks Mr. Bennet to tell his daughter to drag her fanny out of bed.


As Claire is wheeled into the emergency room, Mrs. Bennet looks on in despair. She calls Mr. Bennet on his cell phone to tell him of the accident.

Better Halves

Claire and Sandra are baking cupcakes when Mr. Bennet tells Claire he has arranged a meeting with her birth parents. Sandra initially objects, but Mr. Bennet says it's up to Claire. Sandra welcomes the couple into the house, and leads Mr. Bennet out of the room to get drinks so Claire can spend some time alone with them. She and Mr. Bennet eavesdrop from the next room but are found out when Mr. Bennet's cell phone rings.

Later, while discussing the visit with Claire, Sandra mentions how odd it is that Mr. Bennet was able to locate Hank and Lisa so quickly this time. She says they attempted to find her biological parents when Claire was young and they believed she had a congenital disorder, but had no luck finding them whatsoever.


When Mr. Bennet grounds Claire for punching Jackie Wilcox, her mother tells him that Claire's "going to hate you for a long time on this one." Her father smiles knowingly and replies, "Let's hope so."

Later, Mr. Bennet asks her where Claire is and says that she's gone. She tells him that she saw Claire and Zach running out across the lawn about ten minutes prior. He asks why she didn't try to stop her and she explains that she feels he was being way too harsh in his punishment. He tells her she doesn't know what she's done and storms out the house telling her to call him immediately if she hears from Claire.

Six Months Ago

Mrs. Bennet drives Claire and Jackie to the hospital to get stitches for Claire's cut hand.


Claire looks for her mother, but does not find her. The Haitian tells Claire that Mr. Bennet has asked him to modify Sandra's memories "so many times".

The Fix

Mr. Bennet and Sandra discuss his worries about Claire. Sandra says Claire seems to be doing fine, apart from the memory loss, and suggests he worry more about Lyle since he's been so absent-minded recently.


Claire asks her mother's permission to go with Zach to Lubbock, TX, to see manatees for their biology report. Sandra gives her permission, as long as they'll be back in time for dinner. Coming back home from shopping, she finds Sylar in the house, claiming to have found Mr. Muggles wandering outside. She thanks Sylar — who claims to be a Primatech employee — and invites him to stay for dinner. As he continues to ask questions about Claire, Sandra becomes suspicious and tries to call Mr. Bennet, but Sylar knocks the phone away and throws her into a display cabinet. Mr. Bennet arrives in time to save her and has the Haitian remove her memories of the incident. When Claire gets home, Sandra chastises her for skipping school without permission.


Mr. Bennet brings Sandra home from the doctor, visibly ill. Claire rushes over to her to see if she's all right, but Mr. Bennet reassures her that she's fine. She's just recovering from headaches and memory loss. She reassures both Claire and Mr. Muggles that she'll be fine.

Later, after Claire returns home, she finds Sandra yelling at Mr. Muggles, clearly not remembering who he is, nor remembering who Claire is.


Claire's mom storms out of the room, distressed. When she returns, Sandra seems back to normal--she recognizes Claire and Lyle. Claire's mom asks Claire if they need to talk. Sandra scoffs at Claire's suggestion that she is being brainwashed and forced to forget. Suddenly Claire's mom collapses in the kitchen.

Sandra Bennet is in a hospital bed at the Odessa hospital, apparently asleep. Dr. Beth Lindall comes in and tells Claire that Sandra has a subdural hemorrhage in the area of her brain that controls memory. When the Bennets return home, Lyle helps his mom upstairs. When Ted Sprague steps out from the kitchen and threatens the family, Mr. Bennet tells Lyle to take his mother and get out of the house immediately, but they are stopped by Matt Parkman.

Company Man

Mrs. Bennet returns home with her family after her hospital visit. As Lyle takes her upstairs, Ted and Matt appear and stop them from leaving. She, with her whole family, are taken into the living room. After failing to obtain information from Mr. Bennet, Ted threatens to kill her, saying it would be poetic justice to kill the wife of the man who took away his. To prevent this, Matt shoots Claire, and Sandra rushes to her daughter's body. After Lyle tries to attack Ted with a baseball bat, Ted ties both Sandra and Lyle up with duct tape.

A regenerated Claire frees Lyle and Sandra. Before they escape, Ted grabs Claire by the neck and Sandra sees the radiation burns on Claire's neck heal. Sandra and Claire are tied up with duct tape by Ted. Mrs. Bennet tells Claire that she is a miracle, and realizes what Claire meant when she talked about walking through fires and not getting burnt.

When Mr. Bennet and Matt return from the paper factory, the Haitian comes through the back door and frees Sandra and Claire. They meet up with Lyle and Mr. Muggles outside. As Ted loses control of his power, Claire rushes back into the house, despite Sandra's protest. After Claire sedates Ted, Sandra, with the rest of her family, watches Claire regenerate from her major radiation burns. The Bennet family embraces.


Mrs. Bennet is getting ready to go to the hotel gym when Mr. Bennet arrives at their hotel room. She says the flood in their basement has turned their stay into a nice vacation for their family, but Claire is missing it because she is on a cheerleading retreat. Her cell phone rings and she says that she has the dog hotel calling with hourly updates on Mr. Muggles, though she finds herself a little annoyed. When Mr. Bennet says he has to go on a trip, Mrs. Bennet rushes to the clock radio and turns on some music, in order to prevent eavesdropping. Then, in whispers, she confesses to Mr. Bennet that she had never lost her memory about the events that transpired involving Claire, Ted Sprague, and Matt Parkman--she only pretended to, per Mr. Bennet's request before he had his own memory wiped. She reveals to him all the instructions given to her by him, including handing back the letter Mr. Bennet had written to himself. Mr. Bennet warns her of the dangers of messing with the Company, but Sandra confidently states that she can play dumb. Mr. Bennet, overcome with emotion, tells Sandra that he could never love her enough. Sandra, with a smile, assures him that he does just fine. When Candice Willmer arrives, Sandra has a casual conversation with her, both upholding their respective façades.

Mr. Bennet, after returning from his visit to Isaac, confides in Sandra about his plan to stop the Company from harming Claire. He admits that he was worried that Sandra would be furious with all the deceit in their marriage, but Sandra is very understanding. Her phone rings, and she takes the call. However, the person on the other end is Thompson. "Sandra" then reverts back to her true form: Candice.

Graphic Novel:Family Man

Sandra watches as her home burns. She holds her son, and watches her daughter heal from normally fatal burns.

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