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Elle Bishop/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Elle Bishop during Season Two.

For more about Elle Bishop, see the main article.

For Elle Bishop's Season Three history, see here.

Character History

Fight or Flight

Elle is at the docks talking to Will concerning the shipping container containing Peter. When he asks her why she's so interested in him, she tells him that she works for a company, and they're interested in finding Peter since he's pretty dangerous. Will says he's at the Wandering Rocks, but asks if he is so dangerous, why they would send a little girl like her. Elle smiles as she walks away, causing sparks against the shipping containers and saying that she can "take care of herself".

Elle meets Ricky at the Wandering Rocks and shows him Peter's picture and asks if he's seen him. He says he hasn't but Elle is not convinced saying that "Either you are lying or everyone else is lying, kinda hard to tell who it is". When Ricky still refuses to acknowledge that he has seen Peter, she feigns leaving. She instead walks over to the door, locks it and welds it shut with her power. She then proceeds to send a huge bolt of electricity at Ricky.

Later, in her car, Elle answers her cell phone. She tells the person on the other end, that Peter is indeed in Ireland and she is closing in on him. She gets ask what 'methods' she used, and she admits to killing Ricky, saying that "he was just some guy". The person on the other end is not happy about this and immediately tells her to come home. She is furious about this and says that she wont kill anyone else. The other person remains steadfast on his decision however. She ends the conversation by saying "Sorry, daddy" and drives off.

Four Months Ago...

When Peter has just emerged from his Invisibility after dropping Nathan off at a hospital, Elle fires a large bolt of electricity at him, knocking him unconscious. When asked by Bob whether she had to use a 'full blast' on him, she smiles and replies that "he can take it".

Elle wakes Peter up by shocking him with small bolts of electricity. She and Bob assure Peter that Nathan is fine and that they have a 'cure' for him.

When Peter has been admitted to the facility, she gives him a haircut and tells him to take what she calls "Haitian pills" to help him control his powers. She then walks out after zapping him, saying that he'll "get used to it, and then start to like it".

Two months later, Elle visits Peter but he says that he is not in the mood. She replies that she'll "up the dose". He relents and she shocks his fingers in a 'sadistic lighting' ritual. Peter then says that he doesn't know anything about her. She avoids the question however, saying that she liked him better when he just lied there. He then accuses her of always wanting to be in control. She then recounts her sad past, which includes: burning down her grandmother's house when she was six, causing a multi-county blackout in Ohio when she was 8, spending her ninth birthday in a glass room with an IV of lithium in her arm, living in the building they were standing in for sixteen years after being diagnosed a sociopath with paranoid delusions, never going on a roller-coaster, swimming or a date.

Next month, she again visits Peter's cell delivering fresh clothes and pills. Peter is surprised that she doesn't want to shock him to fulfill her sadistic urge. She then turns around eagerly, asking if he wants one, he says that he's starting to like them like she said. She tries to shock his fingers, but ends up kissing him and shocking him with her mouth. She then says "Is that enough fun for one day?" and walks out.

At a New York shipping yard, she and The Haitian meet up with Peter and Adam who recently escaped the company's facility. A visibly angry Elle says that she is "disappointed" in Peter and fires full force bolts of electricity at Adam, who gets slammed into the side of a wall and Peter, whose shirt catches on fire. She then yells at The Haitian to chase after Peter, while she runs after Adam.

Cautionary Tales

Bob meets Mohinder at at Costa Verde hotel and introduces him to his daughter, Elle. Bob asks Elle if she has been practicing her 'sharpshooting' and she shows it off, forming her hand into a gun shape and firing a small spark at a nearby glass destroying it and lighting it on fire; she then blows her finger just as if she had fired a gun.

In their hotel room, Mohinder walks in telling Elle and Bob that he was just talking to Noah about locating West. When Mohinder suggests they use this information to their advantage, Elle disagrees saying that nether she or he have changed plans 'mid stream' because you don't do it. After Mohinder remarks that Noah would never shoot him like he did to Ivan, even if push came to shove, Elle caresses him saying 'Awwww he's adorable; can I keep him?'. Bob rolls his eyes at this and says that they'll do it Mohinder's way, while Elle passes Mohinder a gun.

When Noah has asked Mohinder who's his partner, Elle appears from behind a van, saying 'Hey you' and begins manifesting her power while walking towards them. However when Noah looks above her, she startles, turns around and gets tackled into a car by West, knocking her unconscious.

Noah wakes up Elle, who finds herself wet, her hands chained to a chair, with her feet chained in a bath of water. Noah says that he needs to speak with her father, but Elle gives him an angry look remarking 'What? You think this is my first day?'. She then tries to zap Noah with her power, but in her anger she incidentally forgets she is soaked; the electricity she creates is conducted in the water her feet are in and proceeds to shock herself, making her scream out in agony. Noah then says to her that he knows about her and her ability, while Elle angrily replies that he doesn't know anything about her.

Noah then goes on to tell Elle that he was there when she first arrived at the company, that she was just a normal girl; but then they started testing on her, that the human brain cannot handle the amounts of electricity they gave her. Elle says that her father would never allow such a thing, but Noah says that he was leading the charge. Elle refuses to believe this, saying that she has no memories of such tests, when Noah reminds her that "it's almost as if someone took them out, isn't it?", and that why he never let the company anywhere near Claire was so that she wouldn't become her. Noah says that the reason he needs to talk to her father is so he can trade her for Claire. A worried Elle says 'What if he doesn't want to make a trade?' but Noah assures her that fathers go to surprising lengths for their daughters.

West, Noah and Elle wait for Bob, Mohinder and Claire to show up at the pre-determined trading point. When they do Elle and Claire swap parties; Claire with her hands free, Elle however with her hands still bound. Nevertheless, when West starts to fly Claire away, Elle uses her power to break her binds and unloads a ball of lightning at West, hitting him dead center. Elle then turns around and begins to manifest her power again for some revenge on Noah, but is too slow and Noah shoots her in the shoulder first; she screams and then collapses.

Bob runs to his daughter's aid and looks up at Noah's gun, Mohinder shoots Noah before he can shoot Bob however. Elle just lies there, in her father's arms with a bewildered look on her face; half of it from the pain from her shoulder and half of it coming from her child mind trying to comprehend the situation.

Later, Elle is driving the van that contains her, Bob and Mohinder. Bob tries to tend to her now bandaged wound, but she pushes him away with a look of distaste and distrust.

Truth & Consequences

Bob returns from the Bennet home to meet Elle in his car. He tells her that the next 24 hours are crucial and that she is to keep an eye on Claire. She then complains that her cast is itchy and that it would be so much easier without it. Bob then mocks her, saying that he thought his little girl was tough. She then protests that she is tough but she was shot and she can't just heal herself. He apologizes that she is in pain but says that her getting shot was the result of her letting her guard down. She defends herself by saying that she couldn't of known that Noah was going to team up with West. He dismisses her excuse saying that doesn't change the fact that she got shot, that she needs to take responsibility for her actions and asks if she can regain his trust. She says that she can and that she will watch Claire like he asked.

Elle is drinking a Slusho! while spying on Claire across a parking lot, but Claire sees her while hugging West and starts running towards her. Elle then tries to her start her car but is unable because of her sling and ends up spilling her drink on herself. She then steps out of her car to confront Claire. Claire asks Elle what shes doing here and Elle says she is watching the sunset. Claire then shoves Elle into her car, but is pulled of by West before she can go any further. Claire says that it isn't fair, but Elle laughs at her and says, "Welcome to life."

Claire says she is going to tell the world about how the Company kidnapped her and murdered her father, but Elle says she has no proof and that no one would believe her. Claire says she is probably right and that she will just have to show the world instead. She smashes Elle's car window causing Elle to startle. Claire shows Elle her ability and tells her that when she reveals what she can do, that the company will be the ones running.


Elle is in her father's office holding her injured arm. He yells at her about how much damage shes caused by provoking Claire. She stutters that she couldn't help it and that she couldn't of know that she would turn whistle blower. He continues to yell at her saying that she was unprofessional, petty, that Claire isn't in her league. Elle defends herself saying that she has a gunshot wound and that Claire doesn't. He ignores her saying that they both know that she performed well below her level and that she will have no more field assignments because she is benched. Elle who is in tears now, says that she's sorry, but Bob just continues to look away saying that he wasted all the time he put into raising her. Elle pleads by calling him "Daddy."

Elle visits Noah in his cell and follows the ball he bounces with her eyes. She then exclaims to Noah to tell her what her father did to her, but Noah says there isn't any incentive to tell her. She then threatens him with her power but Noah remains unfazed. She then pleads with him saying that she doesn't have anyone else to talk to. Noah then tells her about some of the testing they did on her, while Elle nods for more. When she hears that her father was the one pushing the testing, she breaks down in tears. She is then started by her father, quickly regains her posture and leaves.

Elle sneaks into Bob's office to look at her file. When she picks it up, she is surprised at how light it is, she looks inside and is disappointed to find that it is empty.

She then logs into the Cisco surveillance system and and is shocked to find Sylar in Mohinder's lab. She then says to a picture of Bob that he is going to be so proud of her.

Elle charges into Mohinder's lab, yells Sylar's name and manifests her power, but she finds herself too slow yet again and Sylar shoots at her first, she however dodges the bullet. Sylar runs away and she blasts at him twice, first time missing him and the second time hitting him dead center. She then gives chase.

Elle returns to the lab after failing to catch Sylar. She notes that her father is going to kill her. Mohinder says that is highly doubtful being that without her, Sylar would of killed them all and that they owe her their lives. Elle smiles saying that is cool.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 1

Elle sits in her father's office as he hands her her first Company assignment-- monitoring Claire Bennet. Elle brushes the assignment off as pointless, but Bob reminds her Claire and her blood could become a great asset to the Company, like Linderman and Arthur Petrelli.

On Day 17 of her assignment, Elle sits behind Claire in social studies class in school. She talks about her hatred for Claire and draws a picture of her electrocuting Claire.

During a stake-out at the Bennets' house, Elle watches Noah and Sandra through a window. Elle hears a growl next to her and turns to see Mr. Muggles, who starts barking at her. Elle tries to shoo him away, but he continues barking. She decides to shock him and begins charging up, but unfortunately for her, the sprinklers turn on and she electrocutes herself.

Out of the shadows, Eden tells Elle she read her file and found out water shorts out and reverse her ability. Eden proceeds to beat Elle down, saying if Elle doesn't use her ability, then she won't use hers. Noah comes outside to stop Eden and tells Elle to stop spying on them-- watching over Claire is his job. Elle gets up and walks away, saying once Claire manifests her ability and gets handed over to the Company, she will be as nice to Claire as Eden was to Elle.

At school the next day, Elle watches as Claire and Zach talk in the hallway.

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

Elle watches Claire and Zach talk outside school, but backs off after receiving a disapproving look from Noah.

Later, Elle spies on Zach and Claire from afar, just missing Claire's sixth test of her ability at the abandoned refinery. She notices the two watching a tape and devises a plan to get it.

Elle walks up to Zach's home and knocks on the front door. Zach answers and she tells him her name's Cindy-- she's in his fourth period English class and he was going to let her copy his notes. Elle ignores Zach's statement that he doesn't remember any of that, and after realizing flirting with him is futile, creates a ball of electricity to threaten him. Before she can use it, however, Noah and the Haitian step in and Noah pistol whips Elle, knocking her out. The Haitian proceeds to erase Elle's memory of Zach and the tape.

On Day 27 of her assignment, Elle sits in social studies class and ponders what other, more important things she can be doing. Elle reminds herself her dad said if Claire doesn't manifest an ability by next week, the assignment is canceled. Elle is grateful for that, because Homecoming is next week and Elle would have to shoot herself if she had to attend.

Graphic Novel:The Man with Too Much Brains

After Matt Neuenberg is booed off-stage at his school talent show, Elle tells Matt she can take him to a place where he'll be safe from the outside world. To diminish his distrust, Elle electrocutes the stage and sets it on fire and leads him out.

At the Company's facility, Elle watches aside her father as Matt is tested on by a man and the Haitian. Matt screams Elle's name in pain, causing Elle to show pain as well. She brings a cake to Matt in his cell and lights the candles. Matt asks her why she didn't protected him like she promised, but she says by bringing him here, she already has. She tells him they're not that different and they both want the same thing, then gives him an electric kiss on the cheek.

Graphic Novel:Hana and Drucker's Plot Discovered

Elle stands behind Matt Neuenberg in the Company computer room. She checks on his progress and gives him a playful zap to his nose to lighten the mood. She leaves for a moment to get donuts for the two of them, and on her return, is asked by Matt who would send files from Bhutan. Elle wonders who would do anything in Bhutan, then calls her father per request of Matt to find out if he knows anything. After she calls him, she drops the phone in a panic and pushes Matt out of the way. She pulls out a pair of goggles from a device and hastily puts them on Matt, telling him she needs to delete all the information in the mainframe and also needs Matt to store all the information in his mind before she can do so. After promising Matt it'll be painless, Elle hits a button on the device to begin the information storage into Matt's brain.

Graphic Novel:The End of Hana and Drucker

After electrocuting the Company's entire mainframe in their computer room, Elle tries to wake up a fallen Matt. Elle's father runs in and asks what happened. She tells him she destroyed all the information in the mainframe, including the purushas of Richard Drucker and Hana Gitelman, just like he told her to do. Bob tells Elle she has to give Matt's heart a jump-start to save the data stored in his brain. After a slight hesitation, Elle shocks Matt and brings him back. Elle is brushed off by her father as he tells Matt what a hero he is for saving all the information from the mainframe.

Elle enters Matt's new room and asks him if it's any better than before; he says it's just another cell. Elle says she was able to get some outside time for the two of them and leads him out of his room, only to be escorted away to the Company's operating room. As they prepare to extract the information from Matt, Elle promises him there won't be any pain. Unfortunately, Matt's brain overloads from the upload and he dies; Bob tells his daughter it had to be done. As everyone leaves the room, Elle stands over Matt's corpse, overwhelmed by her loss.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 1

A half block away from Donna Dunlap's apartment in Baltimore, Elle, eating some sushi, tries to ease her partner's nerves when he thinks Donna sees them spying on her. After Elle's partner is shot, Elle stops a frantic Donna. Elle introduces herself, then electrocutes Donna, knocking her out. Elle tells an unconscious Donna that her online date isn't really named "Blake", but is the son of a former Company worker, Mr. Thompson. She says with Donna's sharpshooting skills, she'll fit right in with the Company.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

Penny reminds Thompson, Jr. that along with Elle, the three of them took down the Croatian with "that whole weather control thing going on".

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Members of a Company support team discuss their pasts during a mission with Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap. One of the agents, Rosetti, asks if anyone has worked with Bob's daughter, to which the other agents reply they haven't. Drake comments that working with her would be the "quick way to an early retirement" because of what happened to one of her earlier partners, before he is cut off by the sound of an explosion. She is also referred to by one of the men as "the hot one with electrical powers".

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