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Ability homology
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Luke, Elle, Meredith and Ted all can generate heat, but each uses a different ability to do so.

In biology, structures that are anatomically different yet have similar functions are said to be homologous. A similar phenomenon can be seen in the effects of some evolved human abilities.

Shared Effects
[ edit ]
Acquire another's ability
Affect human memory
Alter the perceptions of others
Alternate one's appearance
Breathe in deadly conditions
Climb walls with ease
Detect lies
Emit toxic substances
Enhance one's own strength
Enter another's dreams
Force another to do one's will
Generate heat or flame
Heal another's injuries
Impersonate another individual
Influence the weather
Lift one's self from the ground
Manipulate one's skeleton
Manipulate sound
Manipulate technology
Manipulate vegetation
Move objects remotely
Move quickly to another location
Prevent ability use
Release electrical arcs
Resistance to physical injury
See glimpses of the future
See glimpses of the past
Travel through time

The following table lists effects that have been shared by different abilities.

Effect Ability Notes
Acquire another's ability Ability absorption Arthur Petrelli could steal the abilities of other evolved humans by touching them.
Ability replication Allows the user to temporarily copy other evolved humans abilities by touching them.
Aura absorption Users acquire abilities by killing the target and taking the victim's aura.
Empathic mimicry User acquires abilities by being near other evolved humans.
Intuitive aptitude Allows the user to acquire an ability by studying the brain of another.
Affect human memory Enhanced memory Users can consume large amounts of information.
Memory manipulation Damian can return lost memories to others.
Memory storage Caspar Abraham can store the memories of others in inanimate objects.
Mental manipulation The Haitian can erase memories.
Telepathy Matt Parkman can implant thoughts to make people forget. (Almost Famous)
Alter the perceptions of others Appearance alteration Connie could make one person look like another person by shaping their face.
Cloaking Teddy can make objects disappear and reappear.
Dream manipulation While someone is in the dream state, Sanjog can alter a person's dream and conjure images of past events in them.
Illusion Users can make others perceive whatever the user wants them to.
Inflammation Toby can make others feel burning pains.
Invisibility Users can hide themselves from others' view.
Nerve manipulation "The Watcher" can make himself and others unseen and cause others to feel pain.
Neurocognitive deficit Anna Korolenko can affect and disorient sensory perception, motor commands, language skills, and even conscious thought.
Telepathy Maury could make people see things that weren't there and could trap people in vivid nightmares.
Alternate one's appearance Age shifting The Russian can change his appearance according to the age he shifts into.
Gold mimicry "Little Miss Goldenrod" can turn her body into gold.
Illusion Users can create an illusion of of themselves in physical appearance of another person.
Invisibility Users can make themselves unseen to others.
Metal mimicry Danny Pine could turn his body into metal.
Nerve manipulation "The Watcher" can make himself and others unseen.
Shape shifting Users can copy other people physical appearance once a physical connection has happened.
Telepathy Matt fooled Knox by appearing dead with Daphne through an illusion.
Water mimicry Users can change their physical appearance into water.
Breathe in deadly conditions Aquatic breathing Allows the user to breathe underwater, a deadly thing for normal humans to try.
Lung adaptation Bianca could stay under water for hours without breathing and could breathe through toxic gases.
Rapid cellular
Adam survived imprisonment and oxygen deprivation in a coffin underground.
Climb walls with ease Mohinder's ability The goo that he secreted allowed him to climb walls.
Wall crawling Allows users to easily scale vertical surfaces.
Detect lies Empathy Lydia can tell if a person is lying.
Enhanced strength Knox can feel people's fear and discover if they're lying.
Lie detection Users can detect spoken lies outright.
Telepathy Users can read the minds of people to detect if they're lying.
Emit toxic substances Acid secretion Cushing secretes deadly acid that killed Agent Wu.
Chlorine gas exudation Tina Ramierez exhales gaseous chlorine, which was toxic enough to kill several agents and knock out Rachel St. John.
Induced radioactivity Users of this ability generate toxic radiation, enough to kill people, as it did to Karen Sprague.
Nerve gas emission According to Penny Logan, a Manhattan man sweats nerve gas when he is nervous. This gas is presumably toxic.
Poison emission Maya cries black, poisonous tears, which have killed several.
Enhance one's own strength Enhanced strength Users can exert a large amount of force.
Mass manipulation By increasing her size and mass, "Sylvia" grew strong enough to lift a car with one hand. (From the Files of Primatech, Part 6)
Mohinder's ability Mohinder crushes a gun with one hand. (The Second Coming)
Telekinesis Sylar punches through a cab window with his fist (Seven Minutes to Midnight), and is able to wield a parking meter as a weapon (How to Stop an Exploding Man).
Enter another's dreams Dream manipulation Sanjog can enter and manipulate people's dreams in order to help them find answers to their questions.
Precognitive dreaming While in a dream state herself, Angela can enter the dreams of others and interact with them.
Telepathy Arthur entered Angela's subconscious when she was dreaming, spoke to her, and then trapped her within her own dream.
Force another to do one's will Belief induction User can make others believe they have to do something.
Persuasion With a spoken command, users of this ability can influence the actions of others.
Puppet master Eric Doyle can force his victim's body to do what he wishes, in spite of the conscious objections of the victim.
Telepathy Matt discovered that he can implant a thought into someone else's mind, altering their actions. (Cautionary Tales)
Telekinesis Sylar forced Audrey to point her gun at her own head using his power. (One Giant Leap)
Generate heat or flame Electric manipulation Elle has used the electrical arcs generated to weld a lock inoperable, which requires heat.
She has also charred flesh, set a cup on fire, lit candles, and ignited Peter's shirt.
Fire breathing Users can breathe out fire.
Fire casting Users can ignite their own bodies, enveloping themselves with flames.
Heating Mrs. Comey can heat objects by touching them. (Hysterical Blindness)
Induced radioactivity Heat is a form of radiation, and has been released by the use of this ability.
Radiation generated by this ability has ignited objects.
Laser emission Lasers can produce heat.
Light manipulation Antoine Mercier knows that he can create lasers with his ability, which produce heat.
Luke's ability Luke Collins can heat objects by absorbing and releasing solar energy. (The Needs of the Many)
Microwave emission Luke Campbell can use his ability to boil water, melt plastic, and burn objects (Trust and Blood)
Phoenix mimicry Draph used this ability to produce blue flames in his hands.
Pyrokinesis This is the ability to create flames.
Spontaneous combustion An ability where a condensation of heat occurs, heating objects until they combust.
Heal another's injuries Elemental control Malina restored a dying butterfly to full health by gently blowing on it. (The Needs of the Many)
Healing Linderman could heal the injuries of others by touching them.
Healing touch By controlling their life force, Jeremy could accelerate the healing processes of those he touched.
Health optimizing Marc can sense and optimize health of others.
Phoenix mimicry Users of this ability cry tears with regenerative properties that can be used to heal people.
Rapid cellular
When injured people receive the blood of an individual with this ability, their injuries are healed.
Impersonate another individual Appearance alteration Connie Logan alters the appearance of her daughter Penny, so that she could impersonate various people.
Body insertion Future Peter used this ability to hide his present self in Jesse Murphy's body.
Illusion Candice used her ability to impersonate several people.
Shape shifting Sylar has used this ability to change his physical appearance to those of various different individuals.
Telepathy Matt can use his ability to manipulate people's perception of the world.
Influence the weather Elemental control Malina was able to dissipate a storm before it reached her location. (Under the Mask)
Energy absorption, transference, and redirection By releasing a huge amount of energy, Mindy Sprague was able to create a blizzard with winds that reached over 110mph. (From the Files of Primatech, Part 3)
Weather control Alice Shaw has complete control over the weather, including being able to direct lightning strikes at specific locations. (1961)
Lift one's self from the ground Flight Users lift off of the ground and go where they please.
Electric manipulation An agent with this ability who works for Matt in a possible future can levitate above the ground. (Walls)
Phoenix mimicry A product of this ability is the ability to fly.
Telekinesis Sylar has used the ability to go vertically (One Giant Leap, Road Kill) and to make no footsteps (Unexpected).
Manipulate one's skeleton Bone spike protrusion Perrin Crocker could emit a mass of sharpened bone spikes from his body, originating from his skeleton. (Under the Bridge, Part 1)
Extraskeletal manipulation Shard can extend parts of his skeleton out of his body to form bone weapons and objects. (Slow Burn)
Spider mimicry Caleb could produce spider legs from his body, altering his skeletal structure in the process. (Yang & Yang)
Manipulate sound Enhanced synesthesia Users can see sounds as lights and create concussive blasts.
Sound absorption Users can use their own bodies to absorb sound waves, nullifying their effects.
Sound manipulation Users can manipulate sounds with their voice and convert sound energy into other types of energy.
Manipulate technology Activation and deactivation Matt Parkman Jr. can activate devices near him.
Cyberpathy Hana Gitelman could generate electronic signals with her mind to communicate with computer systems and hack them.
Technopathy Micah can touch pieces of technology and make them do what he wishes.
Manipulate vegetation Elemental control Malina can use her ability to accelerate plant growth. (The Needs of the Many)
Plant growth Au Co could make plants grow at a rate much faster than normal.
Plant manipulation Brendan Lewis could make vegetation grow around him.
Move objects remotely Forcefields Abigail can move objects by encasing them in forcefields.
Gravitational manipulation The vortices created by Stephen Canfield pull objects into themselves.
Levitation Abu Aswan's ancestor lifted a pyramid block from the ground without touching it.
Magnetism The German could move metal objects without touching them.
Puppet master The bodies of Eric Doyle's victims and inanimate objects move the way he wishes without Eric having to touch them.
Seismic burst Users can create shockwaves and repel objects away.
Sound manipulation Users can manipulate sound to create shockwaves, which would repel objects away.
Telekinesis Users can move multiple objects of any composition without touching them.
Terrakinesis Users can move earth with their mind.
Move quickly to another location Accelerated probability Users can move very quickly to another location.
Dimension hopping Users of this ability can traverse areas very quickly by going to another dimension and then re-entering the main universe at a different point in space. Kelli Wheaton brought various members of Unity to Costa Verde using this ability. (Chapter 4 of Faction Zero)
Enhanced teleporting James Kelly can instantly teleport anything to any point in time and space, including himself, just by focusing on what he wants to teleport.
Flight Users can propel themselves through the air at great speed.
Space-time manipulation User can either teleport or stop time and physically move to another location.
Super speed Allows user to cover vast distances in a short amount of time.
Teleportation Users can disappear from a location and reappear in another instantaneously.
Prevent ability use Empathic manipulation Joseph Sullivan could make others lose focus over their abilities by manipulating their emotions.
Mental manipulation Prevents evolved humans from using abilities while in the user's presence.
Neurocognitive deficit Anna Korolenko can shut down the upper brain functions of those around her, thus rendering them unable to use their abilities.
Puppet master User can take remote control of an individuals actions, and prevent them from taking an action involving an ability.
Umbrakinesis When Phoebe actively uses this ability, the abilities of others in her presence are suppressed.
Release electrical arcs Accelerated probability Edward generated a charge and released it into a woman. (Destiny, Part 4)
Electrical absorption After absorbing electricity, a patient in a hospital can release electrical arcs.
Electric manipulation Users of this ability can release electrical arcs.
Weather control Alice could control lightning strikes.
Resistance to physical injury Forcefields Abigail can create forcefields around any part of her body to protect herself from harm.
Freezing Any injury sustained by Tracy simply melts the area and reforms into place.
Impenetrable skin Baron Samedi supposedly cannot be harmed by any physical means.
Metal mimicry Danny Pine's arm became bulletproof when he transformed it into metal. (Partners)
Rapid cell regeneration Users with this ability heal their injuries almost instantaneously.
Telekinesis Sylar resisted the bullets that Matt Parkman fired at him and was able to rise to his feet unharmed. (One Giant Leap)
See glimpses of the future Accelerated probability Users of this ability can see all possible outcomes of any given situation. One of the outcomes they see is guaranteed to happen.
Precognition Users see glimpses of the future in trances generated by this ability.
Precognitive dreaming Dreams generated by the use of this ability conjure figurative representations of future events.
Space-time manipulation Users can physically go to the future and see the events that will happen.
Telepathy Matt Parkman can access the same plane of consciousness precogs do and paint the future.
Temporal rewind Users can live through events then rewind time to alter them.
See glimpses of the past Clairsentience Users see glimpses of the past events pertaining to an object when touching said object.
Empathy Lydia can feel what happened to people in the past.
Enhanced teleporting Users can physically go to the past and see the events that happened.
Precognition Isaac Mendez drew the past when people travelled back into it.
Precognitive dreaming Peter Petrelli saw his mother and Charles Deveaux discuss an explosion to come in the past.
Space-time manipulation Users can physically go to the past and see the events that happened.
Travel through time Enhanced teleporting James Kelly can teleport himself and others to any point in time and space.
Space-time manipulation Hiro can travel through time by bending the space-time continuum.
Supercharged super speed When Daphne's super speed is amplified, she becomes capable of traveling through time by running at superluminal speed.
Temporal rewind Users can rewind time.

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