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Member: Irony
Character: Irony
Ability: Ability Diminishment
Irony is GB's partner who is the second creator of Cockney Heroes. Just as Gabriel Bishop did, Irony kept his name for the series as well. He works alongside Claude, GB, and derek to stop the evil that parades in London. He has the ability of Ability Diminishment, to be able to cause an ability to be unable to work, with the byproduct to make forcefields. His jobs are to create new ability pages, give them the histories, and get images for them, to create the related article pages, and change the color of the Assignment Trackers to fit the Cockney Heroes color scheme. Besides sharing the fact they keep their names the same, they also share the same episode. Irony's favored episode is Déjà Vu.

Episodes Written

Volume One: Teething Problems

Chapter One:
Hidden in the Darkness
Chapter Two:
Chapter Three:
How to Stop an Exploding Van
Chapter Four:
Chapter Five:
Company Men
Chapter Six:
Requiem of a Prison Break
Chapter Seven:
Jack the Ripper
Chapter Eight:
Murder at Whitechapel

Volume Two: Baptism of Fire

Chapter One:
Veni Vidi Expugnavi
Chapter Three:
Chapter Five:
Déjà Vu

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