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Volume: One
Number: 102
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Airdate: April 10, 2009
Previous Episode: Hidden in the Darkness
Next Episode: How to Stop an Exploding Van

The Story

The Company agent shrieked as he was tortured by Gabriel Bishop. Gabriel electrified him as Derek and Irony hurled buckets of water over him. "Why are you here!" yelled Claude.

"I was sent by Mrs. Petrelli to bag and tag Derek."

"Why me! What have I ever done that gives you the right to come and attack me?" exclaimed Derek "Why me..."

Suddenly, the agent regained a smile on his face, saying, “you better watch out, electricity can only hold me out for so long.” Gabriel then, deciding that electricity was nothing compared to this Company agent's training, grabbed a strand of his hair. He then used alchemy to turn that stand of hair into gold, and said, “now either you talk, or I’ll do this to your whole body.” At that moment, the agent's partner came up behind them. The agent fired six rounds, straight into Gabriel’s chest, but he healed momentarily. However, they both escaped. Irony, Derek, Gabriel and Claude pursued them through the streets of London, but they were Company agents, and even with Gabriel and Claude’s training they managed to escape. “Where did they go?” asked Derek.

"We lost them, they escaped in the alleyways,” responded Claude. “This could be dangerous. Now they know we’re working together they’re going to send more agents, and unless we find help, we will be easy pickings for them," said Claude, disheartened.

"Don't worry," said Gabriel, "we know how they work, we know their mindset, they won’t be back for a while. You know the Company, all they do before operations is plan, they never rush into anything.".

They decided to return to the warehouse, where Gabriel and Irony took Derek into a room to help him learn to control his ability. “So remember,” said Irony, “if you’re about to discharge, force your hands together, this way the current is more focused”. Irony then released Derek from his power, letting him take full control of it. “Try it now.”

Derek used his power, at first everything seemed good, Derek used his power and he didn't discharge, but then Gabriel Bishop came in and knocked over a chair. The shock caused Derek to overload. Irony tried to touch him, but as he was about to, Derek let out an outburst of energy causing Irony to be hurled backwards. While retreating to the next room Irony shouted, “how are we going to stop him? If we don’t, he’s going to die.” Gabriel Bishop knew he could reach him, thanks to his ability of rapid cellular regeneration, but had no way of stopping him when he did.

“Turn the room into gold, Gabriel, if you can the charge from the room will stop, which should allow Irony to reach him.” Gabriel did this, but instead of this weakening Derek's ability, it made it stronger, canceling out the room's charge.

“Irony, you've got to try and stop him,” bellowed Claude, struggling to be heard over the noise.

“I've got an idea," said Irony, "if I use my ability while walking toward him I might be able to create a shield for myself, negating the effects of his ability.”

“But when you get closer to him, you will have to stop the shield to weaken him,” said Gabriel. “You might be killed!”

“It’s worth trying,” said Irony, walking into the room. Then, Irony managed to stop Derek, knocking him out in the process.

"I need you to help him regain consciousness. Then I want you to train him," shouted Claude.

"Sure thing," said Irony.

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