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Psycho Killer
CH Psycho Killer.JPG
First appearance Pam Marshall, Part 2
In-story stats
Known ability Extrasensory Limb Reattachment
Home Italy

The psycho killer is an evolved human serial killer, who targeted Pam Marshall

Character History

Pam Marshall, Part 2

The killer has been on the news for kidnapping people. When Pam Marshall went down in the basement at work, she meets the psycho killer. With the ability to reattach limbs to bodies, he states to Pam that he is going to kill her and take her body parts and re-assemble himself into her, so he can get away from the cops.

Pam Marshall, Part 3

The psycho killer approaches Pam explaining that he is after her ability. However, before he can touch her, Pam brings down a wall of glass shattering upon him. He screamed as the glass encloses around him and Pam ran away.

Evolved Human Abilities

The psycho killer has the ability to reattach limbs of others to his own body. He claimed that he can gain his victims' abilities by swapping their heads with his own. According to him, his victims don't feel anything when he uses his ability on them.

L Origins edit
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