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Precognitive Visions
Precognitive Visions.jpg
Someone sees a chilling vision
Originally held by: Mike Douglas,
Jane Green
Absorbed by: Charlie Hall
Ability to: See the future at any time through visions.

Precognitive Vision is the ability to have visions of the future.



Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas has shown advanced control over this ability. He can access visions at any time, and can often choose what to envision. However, it is apparent that he can merely see the future through visions, and cannot change it (Shark of the Streets). Mike's eyes turn purple when he uses his ability.

Jane Green

Jane Green seems to have developed her ability to the same level as Mike (Kill or Be Killed). Her eyes become purple when she accesses her visions. She seems to have manifested this ability at a young age (Karl Hall, Part 2).

Charlie Hall

Charlie displayed this ability when he entered a precognitive trance and began writing down dates in Karl's journal. (Karl Hall, Part 1)

See Also

  • For the ability which allows the user to paint the future, see precognition.
  • For the ability which allows the user to dream of the future, see precognitive dreaming.

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