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Officer Bonkin
Di bonkins.jpg
First appearance How to Stop an Exploding Van
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Home London, England
Occupation Police officer

Officer Bonkin was a police officer who, while investigating the case of a possible Jack the Ripper Copycat, discovered the Cockney Heroes. He joined the government team capturing these special people and had since become one of Consuela Hammock's closest agents. However after the prison breakout both were fired, Consuela and Bonkin went after the Cockney Heroes for revenge. Consuela turned on and shot Bonkin, meaning he joined forces with the prison guards to avenge what he lost, but he was killed by Irony.

Character History

Volume One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Officer Bonkin: Volume One history.

After a van explodes, Officer Bonkin arrives at the scene of the crime and arrests Irony, Gabriel Bishop, Claude, Derek and Abigail. He interrogates them, but to no avail. As he is about to leave and charge them, Irony tricks him and uses his ability on him, causing his brain to go into recession.

Weeks later, having recovered, Officer Bonkin paces around and wonders to himself the new case of Jack the Ripper's murders. He calls a cab and heads to Islington, where he recruits the group of evolved humans known as the Cockney Heroes to help him fight Jack. When Derek asks where to find him, Officer Bonkin tells him that the next murder will happen at Whitechapel, at 9 o'clock. When the evolved humans and Officer Bonkin arrive at Whitechapel, and when they don't see anyone, Bonkin and Derek leave to check out the back of the church. When they return, they find both Irony and Gabriel Bishop unconscious. Claude brings them up to date on what happened, saying that Jack the Ripper had possessed Irony and forced him to start attacking Gabriel. Three days later, Irony and Gabriel are both in hospital. Bonkin contemplates that it was his fault, but Jenny tells him otherwise. Bonkin then leaves the hospital.

Three weeks later, Officer Bonkin and the others celebrate Jack the Ripper's demise. After celebrating, Officer Bonkin leaves with Abigail and Lee.

Volume Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Officer Bonkin: Volume Two history.

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