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Dave Rogers
CH Dave Rogers.jpg
First appearance Requiem of a Prison Break
In-story stats
Known ability Paralysis Induction
Age 21
Date of birth 1986
Significant other Amber Myers (deceased)
Assignment tracker CH04

Dave Rogers is a friend of Gabriel's who he met while working in the Company.

Character History

Requiem of a Prison Break

Abigail is being kept in a prison. Irony, Derek and Dave break in to rescue her. Dave asks the police officer on the desk where Abigail was, he wouldn't tell him. Dave then paralyses him using his ability. They walk past him to find Abigail. When they reach the second floor they find themselves walking along the same corridor. Irony uses his ability to weaken the evolved human that is making them use the same corridor so they can escape. When the reach the next floor the EV catches up with them resulting in a fight. When the EV is distracted Dave manages to paralyse him so they can find Abigail. When they find Abigail she encases herself, the rescue team and part of the cell in a force field and knocks the wall down to escape. Landing on the floor safely. They all escape unharmed.

Dave Rogers, Part 1

Dave walks into Gael Cruz's office who reveals Dave is partnered up with Curtis Hovsepian. as part of the Company's new 'two of them, none of us' policy. They embark on their first assignment together in Australia, and Dave tells Curtis that he has a girlfriend but she thinks he is a lawyer and does not know of his true profession.

After arriving in Australia, Curtis offers Dave pills to counter their jet lag, and then they head to their target, Jack Steelson, who is at the Sydney Community College. However, they underestimate Steelson, who attacks them with a spray of water and runs out of the fire escape. Curtis jumps out the window, using his own ability to let the air carry him and Dave as they "fly" around, searching for Steelson. Just as Dave is about to paralyse Steelson, he runs into a subway station, evading them.

Later the pair are reflecting on their failed mission when Dave's girlfriend Amber appears, much to Dave's bewilderment.

Dave Rogers, Part 2

Dave, still in shock attempts to persuade Amber to return to New York and that they are not safe. When Jack returns and begins to flood the mall. Dave sends Amber up the escalator telling her to go to the airport.

Dave and Curtis then battle Jack, eventually managing to paralyse him but Amber is no where to be found.

Later revealed on the news that Dave and Curtis were captured but escaped police custody and Amber was one of two victims of the flood, to the immense grief of Dave.

Dave Rogers, Part 3

Seeing his partner continuously drinking in the Company watering hole, Curtis tries to talk some sense into Dave. When Dave says that he will be quitting the Company, Curtis tries to dissuade him, but fails. The next day Dave hands in his resignation to Mr. Cruz and goes to the Steelson's Level 5 cell, saying that he will hunt Steelson down for what he did to Dave's girlfriend. As Dave gets ready to leave, he passes Gabriel and Frederick and leaves without a word.

Two years later, he receives a call from Gabriel, saying he is rebelling against the Company and wants to help him, if he breaks his friend out of a prison. He also stated that two other specials will be joining him to do the job. Dave reluctantly agrees after Gabriel tells him that he will help Dave hunt down Jack Steelson (who had recently escaped Level 5).

Kill or Be Killed

Dave arrives at the the docks with Consuela.

The Die Is Cast

Dave paralyzes the Cockney Heroes and helps Consuela tie them up. When finished he releases them and explains to a bewlidered Irony that he only helped Gabriel break Abigail out of prison because, he said he would help him find someone but he just dissapeared.

Consuela then turns on Dave, and as she is about to shoot Shark's gang appears and she is sent to her death by Ladzaro. Dave takes his chance to escape unnoticed as the two gangs standoff.

Dave later apologises after Derek brings him back to the Cockney Heroes, saying he never got over his girlfriend's death.

Evolved Human Abilities

Dave has the ability of paralysis induction. He uses his ability to paralyze a prison guard and Andy Lewis. (Requiem of a Prison Break).

When Dave was a company agent he paralysed target Jack Steelson. (Dave Rogers, Part 1)

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