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SP Catalyst.jpg

Member: Catalyst
Character: John Wright
Ability: Machine Mimicry
Catalyst joined Cockney Heroes on the 24th of May, year 2009. As of now his jobs to contribute to Cockney Heroes are to update portals, create pages for new places and items, and to find images for the places and items. His character is John Wright, who was a former mechanic. Once attacked by agents, in hopes to catch him, was hit over the had, causing amnesia. His ability is Machine Mimicry, to have one's insides completely made up of machinery in result causing you to be nearly indestructible. He has great strength and can heal when ever injured, though the approximate time to heal bigger wounds is twenty-four hours. Catalyst's favorite episode of Cockney Heroes is Shark of the Streets.

Places Created

Volume Two: Baptism of Fire

Cell Block A Cell Block B Cell Block C
Cell Block D Consuela's Office Irony and Derek's Cell
Obadiah's Cell Solitary Confinement Sydney Seaside Mall
The Corner Shop The Underground Bunker

Created Items

Curtis's Pills Karl's Journal

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