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Ability Void
Ability Void.jpg
Elle can't use her powers near Obadiah.
Held by: Obadiah (deceased)
Ability to: render abilities void in presence

Ability Void is the ability to be unaffected by any ability, as if an ability being used in relation to the holder simply does not exist or is rendered void.




Obadiah has only demonstrated this ability once, this is normally a passive ability which works in the range of about 10 meters from him. But as this is being harvested, causes him to become weak (Veni Vidi Expugnavi).


  • This ability was inspired by Oba and Jennsen Rahl, from Terry Goodkind's epic The Sword of Truth series, which introduced two siblings who were complete magical ability voids in contrast to their otherwise extremely powerful siblings. They were also called 'holes in the world' in that genre.

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