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CH Invisibility.jpg
Claude fades into view.
Originally held by: Claude Rains
Absorbed by: Gabriel Bishop (deceased)
Ability to: Remain unseen in plain view

Invisibility is the ability to walk in plain view of other people without being seen.



Claude has shown his ability mainly when in danger, and that he can make up to two people invisible by extending his power to them (Ambush from an Outside Source). He has also used his ability to steal money from someone. (Jack the Ripper). Claude has demonstrated the ability to turn only parts of his body invisible, as he did when he showed Derek his ability and turned only his arm invisible (Hidden in the Darkness). While he invisible, he is also able to touch things which do not turn invisible, as he did in (Live Together Die Alone).

It is currently unclear how this power helps its users to avoid being seen. Invisibility seems to be a passive power which can operate constantly without effort or concentration, although it can also be "turned off" at will.

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