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Sarah Cowell
Sarah Cowell.jpg
First appearance Shattered Lives
In-story stats
Known ability Rapid Cell Regeneration
Age 16
Date of birth 1991
Parents Diane Cowell (mother, deceased),
Eric Cowell (father)
Assignment tracker CH30

Sarah Cowell is the daughter of Eric Cowell and Diane Cowell. She is currently a fugitive.

Character History

Shattered Lives

When her father returns home, on the run, Sarah asks what is going on. All of a sudden, government agents break into the house and shoot at Eric, Sarah, and Sarah's mother, Diane. Diane and Sarah are supposedly killed, but Sarah manifests her ability and coughs up the bullet and heals, much to her father's amazement. Then, Sarah's cell phone rings with a text message from REBEL.

Later, following REBEL's tip, Eric and Sarah arrive at a warehouse, where other escapees of the prison have also convened. Karl helps build an underground bunker, where Eric, Sarah, and the other escapees take shelter.

Kill or Be Killed

At the underground bunker, Eric tells Sarah to go with the team and stop the drugs entering London. He tells her that he will stay at the bunker with Emmett and Eddy to make sure no one finds it. Sarah and the Cockney Heroes soon assemble at the docks, Irony ordering each member to perform their job in destroying the drugs.

Sarah, carrying a transformed Elizabeth, reach the the other side of the docks, where Elizabeth transforms back and fights the guards. Seeing Frederick's signal, the pair run towards the flame, but on their way they see a woman in black leather. Sarah swears.

The Die Is Cast

At the docks, Dave Rogers paralyzes the Cockney Heroes and helps Consuela tie them up. When finished he releases them and explains to a bewildered Irony that he only helped Gabriel break Abigail out of prison because, he said he would help him find someone, but instead he just disappeared.

Consuela then turns on Dave, and as she is about to shoot, Shark's gang appears and she is sent to her death by Ladzaro. Dave takes his chance to escape unnoticed as the two gangs standoff.

As Sarah escapes her bonds and helps untie Leckie, Frederick and Tyler, a fight ensues between the gangs. Shark shoots at Frederick and Irony; however Sarah throws herself in front of the bullets, saving them. Irony, using his ability, knocks out Shark and his gang, and the Cockney Heroes are victorious. Sarah leaves with the team back to the underground bunker to celebrate.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sarah has the ability to regenerate any wound. Her sole demonstration of this ability was when she coughed up a bullet and healed the bullet wound. (Shattered Lives)

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