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Jake Leckie
Cockney Heroes Character.JPG
First appearance Veni Vidi Expugnavi
In-story stats
Known ability Seismic Burst
Alias Obelisk
Nicknames Leckie,
Age 20
Date of birth 1987
Place of birth Bournemouth, England
Home London, England
Occupation Unknown
Assignment tracker CH26

Jake Leckie is an evolved human who meets Derek Simmonds.

Character History

Volume Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Jake Leckie: Volume Two history.

Leckie and Karl are in solitary confinement, and Irony and Derek joins them after a failed escape attempt. They explain some of their past to Irony and Derek, and they decide to escape the prison, along with other inmates. After their escape attempt proves successful, Leckie with Irony and Derek travel back to the the warehouse, dealing with an an evolved human who can emit EMPs. A handful of other escaped inmates seek refuge at the warehouse and Karl helps build them an underground bunker. However, Leckie is suddenly shot by Consuela's men, as they seek revenge on the escapees. When Derek manages to revive Leckie using electricity, Karl takes him to the hospital. He is soon rescued by Irony and Elizabeth, who turns him to sand, and the team head to the docks to prevent an incoming batch of drugs. They meet mysterious woman who tells them of their mission and Leckie and his friends battle Consuela, a defected Officer Bonkin, and Shark's gang, eventually coming out victorious.

Evolved Human Abilities

Leckie has shown that he can emit a seismic burst of energy. He has used this ability to weaken a door to escape solitary confinement. (Déjà Vu)

Leckie cannot use his ability on something that is lead-lined. For example, when a glass tube drops around everyone who is in solitary confinement, Leckie's is lead-lined and is opaque. He is thus unable to affect the glass tube. (Déjà Vu)

Leckie has also shown that he is able to use his ability to fire shots from his hand. (Sliding Doors)

Leckie has shown that he can combine his ability with other abilities. For example, in Kill or Be Killed, he combines his seismic burst with Frederick's fire. The resulting blast was a fiery burst of energy; whatever the burst touched would automatically catch on fire.

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