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Pam Marshall, Part 1

Chapter: Three
Number: 3.01
Planned by: Irony
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Radicell
Airdate: July 8, 2009
Previous Chapter: Derek Simmonds, Part 3
Next Chapter: Pam Marshall, Part 2

The Story

A new Jack the Ripper’s on the loose, five victims, only five and guess what? Yep, you got it, I was one of them. 62 million people in England, that’s a one in 12.4 million chance, but that’s me, I’ve always been the odd one out.

My first day of primary school... was also the last day of my first primary school. A girl called Kimi Keigan pushed me, she was strong and I was pretty wimpy, so I flew forward, almost hurtling into a window. But... just as I was about to make contact, the glass collapsed away from me. Kimi then ran to the teacher shouting, “Pam broke the window, she’s a naughty girl!” – the teacher didn’t believe me, she believed Kimi and so I was removed from the school, my mum was mortified, but it was pointless, nobody even remembered my name at that school.

Ninth grade, science, I was never a nerd, but I was never popular, I was one of those kids who scoot through the middle, never getting noticed; when I had to pick what I had to do for my exams, science was top of the list. It was the only subject that I was ever good at, that I had ever been good at, apart from all the impractical subjects, that is. I was amazing, even if I do say so myself, at art and design technology. My mum always told me that they were useless subjects, that nothing would ever come from them. Oh... how wrong she was. Anyway, I was in science -– we had an experiment, involving heating and cooling gas to see the pressure change from accelerating particles; me and my partner had a glass beaker, which we weren’t supposed to be using. We were supposed to be using plastic, but we never paid any attention. After cooling it for the third time, we heated it up rapidly; after all the heat and pressure change, the beaker exploded, its fragments shattering everywhere. One piece was heading straight towards my partner’s eye. I went to stop it, but my reactions were too slow, I couldn’t touch it, but somehow the glass disintegrated just as it was about to touch her, just as my hand was moving towards the glass.

September 11, 2001

I was working in the World Trade Centre, not a major job, I was a temp, just doing a few jobs to pass the time. This day really changed my life, so much that I had to move away -– move away from America forever, I could never, ever go back. I was working on the 13th floor; I was temping for a man called John, John Miles. He was a nice enough man, but even if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t wish anything like that on anyone. It was 8:46, and that’s when the plane struck, it hit the window below us, but we were one of the worst hit. The second the plane struck us, there was a plume of smoke and then, the whole building shook. The force was so violent, I went flying towards the window, all I could do was wish that the window would stop me, and somehow it did. The panes of glass from all the windows around me, rushed to the place I was falling and stopped me from leaving the building. The next thing I remember was smoke, lots of smoke... and then glass, a hell of a lot of glass. It surrounded me, protecting me from the falling debris, and then, I made my way to the stairs, just before I went down, I heard a scream, it was John, his foot was stuck under the rubble; he couldn’t get out. This was the part when it first hit me, the fact that I could control glass around me, I could control any of it. It only took me a second to react and realise this, but that was the only second it needed, the floor collapsed and he fell through his arms flailing to grip onto anything. And as I stood there, I watched him die, and it chills me to the bone. I managed to get out, but he didn’t, out of the 3071 casualties, he was one of only 24 that were presumed dead, he was one of 24 who couldn’t be permanently paid to rest. And that’s me, the survivor, the one who beats the odds... but somehow manages to bring them tumbling down on others.

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