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The Wanderer Returns
CH episode 8.jpg

Volume: Two
Number: 208
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Gabriel Bishop,
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: 29th June, 2009
Previous Episode: Shattered Lives
Next Episode: Midas Touch

The Story

"It looks like...” began Irony before there was a loud bang and Leckie fell to the floor. With this, Karl made the earth move and created walls around them in case any more shots were fired. “Oh god, Leckie.”

“He’s dead,” said Tyler, after checking his pulse.

“He can’t be dead,” shouted Karl.

“Karl, stop there is nothing you can do,” said Derek, “he’s gone.”

"Wait,” said Irony. “You know when they charge people in hospitals, with electricity to jump start a person’s heart. Derek, you could do that, couldn’t you?”

"What, use it like a defibrillator?" said Tyler. “But if he does it too much, it might not work.”

"It’s worth a try," said Karl in a worried tone, as Derek stepped up to Leckie. But, just before he was about to shock him, he paused. "Hurry up! The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to do."

"Okay!" shouted Derek as he started sweating because he was worrying, knowing that if he did the wrong voltage, Leckie would die – with no chance of recovery this time. "Okay,” said Derek, shooting electricity onto Leckie’s body. Nothing happened. He did it again; still there was nothing. “Should I stop?” asked Derek.

“No,” shouted Karl, “you can’t. Please don’t.” But Derek stopped, so Karl ran over to Leckie’s body, pounding his chest, crying. “You can’t be dead!” thumping him on the chest again, “Not after Stan, not again...” Karl said while pounding his chest. He stopped, knowing it was in vain... but then, Leckie let out a small cough, and blood came out of his mouth.

“****,” said Leckie, “what happened?” But as he said this, he looked down and the shot wound just came into his view. He looked pale for a few seconds, and then fainted, only to be awakened by Karl pouring a torrent of water over him, using his ability.

“What happened?” Leckie asked, clutching his wound.

“You were shot,” said Irony “but...”

“Your guess is as good as ours as to who shot you,” interrupted Tyler.

“Guys,” said Karl, “you go and find out who did this, I need to take Leckie to see a doctor, or this could get infected.” Karl then made his walls disappear then grabbed Leckie and disappeared into the air.

“Okay,” said Derek, as they were walking out into the pouring rain, not realising Karl had gone already.

“Typical English weather, you can’t beat it...” said Tyler sarcastically. They were frantically searching around the warehouse with no one there; they left to search the immediate area to see if they could spot anyone. Just as they turned a corner they saw Consuela walking down the street with Officer Bonkin and another guard. They crept up behind them and listened into their conversation.

“I’m ending this, we may have been fired but if we can capture them we would be forgiven. This needs to be stopped, we need the drugs to come much sooner,” said Consuela.

“But first,” shouted Irony, approaching them, “you’re going to tell us who shot Leckie.”

“That’d be me,” replied Bobby the guard with a huge grin on his face, turning around to greet them and pulling out his gun. “And before the night is out, you’ll all be dead too. Because we’re going to kill yo--” but as he said this, his blood surged with electricity and he fell to the floor dead.

“Whoops,” said a familiar voice from down the street.

“You didn’t have to use fully charged lightning on him,” laughed Irony, “you’re back now then?”

“Yep,” said Gabriel, happy to be back.

“Gabriel!” shouted Derek. “Thank God you’re safe. Where have you been?”

"America, now whats this all about?" he replied

"Oh, I am sorry to break up this touching reunion, but we have some unfinished business," cackled Consula, with a gun pointed at Gabriel's skull. “You may be special, but I’m betting you that I can pull the trigger faster than you can save him. Jonathan,” she shouted to Bonkin, “get over here.” He walked over, and she handed him a gun with her left hand, while still holding the gun in her right hand at Gabriel’s head. “Shoot him,” she said abruptly.

“I can’t, he’s my...” said Bonkin.

“Shoot him, now,” she said. And after she did, he lifted the gun to Gabriel’s head.

“Sorry,” he said, but as he was about to pull the trigger, he aimed the gun at Consula and shot. A click came out, but no bullet.

“I didn’t load it,” said Consuela, “I knew you’d never shoot him, but now, I guess I’ll have to... and you too.” She shot Gabriel in the back of the head, who fell into a puddle of blood, with his blood splattering into the rain.

Then, she lifted the gun to Bonkin, shot him twice, once in the stomach and once in the arm. Everyone ran over to Bonkin, knowing it was too late for Gabriel. Then Derek started producing electricity and wildly threw it around, hoping to hit Consuela, but she had taken the opportunity to run when everyone was preoccupied; she had disappeared into the shadows.

Character Appearances

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