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Member: Leckie
Character: Leckie
Ability: Seismic Burst
Leckie joined the CH team after they held a competition. He didn't win but after seeing how much work he had done, they decided to ask him to join anyway. Just as Irony and LDB did, Leckie kept his name for the series as well. He has the ability of Seismic Burst, to be able to seismic bursts of energy which can repel and destroy objects and/or people. His jobs are to create new AT's when needed, give them the histories, get images for the new episodes when they come out,u pdate the AT background and psych information. Make sure to remove spoiler tag to released AT's and make sure all un released have spoiler Tag. Leckie's favored episode has changed to Sliding Doors because it is the episode that he wrote.

Episodes Written

Volume One: Teething Problems


Volume Two: Baptism of Fire

Chapter Six:
Sliding Doors

User:Cockney Heroes/Origins Chapters

Derek Simmonds - Chapter Three:
Familiar Faces
Pam Marshall - Chapter Three:
Shards of Life

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