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Ability Duplication
Ability Duplication.jpg
Emmett uses his ability
Held by: Emmett Marks,
Charlie Hall
Ability to: Permanently duplicate another's ability.

Ability duplication is the ability to permanently duplicate the ability of another.



Emmett Marks

To absorb an ability, Emmett must physically touch the person. The ability is then hardwired into his DNA. He can subconsciously absorb abilities, but, unless it is a passive ability, he cannot use it unless he is aware of it. He has since gained control over his ability and can choose not to duplicate the ability of another.

When using his ability, Emmett's eyes flash gold for a second.

Charlie Hall

To absorb an ability, Charlie must physically touch the person. There seems to be a brief flash of light when the ability is duplicated, and the person who is affected seems to suffer a brief pain. (Karl Hall, Part 2)

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