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Pam Marshall
First appearance Jack the Ripper
In-story stats
Known ability Hyalokinesis
Age 23
Date of birth December 1, 1984
Place of birth London, England
Date of death 2007
Home London, England
Assignment tracker CH32

Pam Marshall was an evolved human with the ability of hyalokinesis. She was killed by Jack the Ripper.

Character History

Jack the Ripper

Officer Bonkin tells the Cockney Heroes team that Jack the Ripper's next murder will be at Whitechapel, at 9 o'clock.

Murder at Whitechapel

The Cockney Heroes team find Pam's decapitated corpse and are soon attacked by Jack.

Pam Marshall, Part 1

After being bullied by a classmate in Primary school, Pam's ability saved her from crashing into the window. However Kimi accused her of breaking the window, Pam was not believed and consequently expelled. Later in ninth grade Pam saves her partner from being hit by the glass, after their beaker exploded in a science experiment.

On September 11th, 2001, Pam was working at the World Trade Centre as a temp for a man called John Miles. When the planes hit the building, her ability again saved her from falling out of the window, but Pam was unable to save John who fell to his death when the floor collapsed.

Pam Marshall, Part 2

After moving to Venice, Pam applied for a job in a glass factory, using her ability to impress the manager and get the job. After a series of mysterious dissapearances, including a woman working at the same factory as Pam, she begins to worry. Believing she's going down to the basement for a special order, Pam finds the Psycho Killer who knows of her ability, waiting for her to take her form and escape the cops, Pam is sick.

Pam Marshall, Part 3

The Psycho Killer appraches Pam explaining that he is after her ability. However before he can touch her, Pam brings down a wall of glass shattering upon him. He screamed as the glass encloses around him and Pam ran away. Outside the factory Pam tells a policeman about the Pyscho killer.

3 weeks later, Pam has moved to Whitechapel in England. Also finding a job and a fellow called Jack...

Evolved Human Abilities

Pam had hyalokinesis, the ability to control the movements of glass with the mind.

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