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CH Alchmey.jpg
A man transforms a gun into gold.
Originally held by: Richard Gold
Absorbed by: Gabriel Bishop (lost, deceased)
Ability to: Change the molecular composition of any material to gold

Alchemy is the ability to transform the chemical composition of materials to gold.



Gabriel Bishop

Gabriel showed complete control over his ability, he was able to turn a pencil he was holding into gold. (Hidden in the Darkness) Gabriel insinuated that he can turn a human into gold, like Bob could. He also was able to transmutate a whole room into gold. (Nemesis)

Richard Gold

His control remains unknown though he has become a big gold dealer in London and it has been said that whatever he touches turns to gold. (How to Stop an Exploding Van) He has been shown to be able to turn a regular sized object into gold. (Ambush From an Outside Source)

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