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Derek Simmonds
Derek simmonds.jpg
First appearance Hidden in the Darkness
In-story stats
Known ability Electrical Manipulation
Formal name Derek Simmonds
Alias Lighter
Nickname Lighter
Age 16
Date of birth 1991
Place of birth London
Home London
Occupation Schoolboy
Significant other None
Parents Patrick Simmonds,
Felicity Simmonds (deceased)
Guardian formerly Julie
Other relatives Julie (aunt)
Assignment tracker CH07

Derek Simmonds is an evolved human with the ability of electric manipulation.

Character History

Volume One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Derek Simmonds: Volume One history.

Derek meets up with Irony, Gabriel Bishop and Claude and asks them to help him control his powers. After a run-in with the Company, Irony and Gabriel get around to training Derek, but accidentally cause him to release electricity uncontrollably. Eventually, Irony knocks Derek out to keep him from doing more damage.

When the team's van explodes during their surveillance mission, Derek is saved by Abigail's force field, but is subsequently arrested. However, Irony knocks out an officer, and Gabriel teleports Derek and Irony out of the precinct. After a visit from Pinehearst, Derek questions Claude and Gabriel and demands them to explain their past.

After listening to Claude and Gabriel's stories, Derek is introduced to Dave, and Derek, Dave, and Irony head to break Abigail out of prison. However, during the breakout, they run into a troublesome evolved human who impedes their efforts. With Dave's help, they manage to subdue the enemy and rescue Abigail.

Later, along with the rest of the team, Derek meets Jenny, and Officer Bonkin inform them of a new threat, Jack the Ripper. At Whitechapel, Derek and the team battles Jack the Ripper. When Jack returns at St. Grays Hospital, Derek and the others finally defeat Jack. Three weeks later, while celebrating Jack's demise with the rest of the team, Derek, Irony, Gabriel, and Jenny were tasered and caught by Danko's team.

Volume Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Derek Simmonds: Volume Two history.

Derek awakes with Irony in a cell. Confused as to why they are there, they meet Eric Cowell, another evolved human, and discover that the prison in which they are is for "specials" only. The prison's boss, Consuela Hammock, gives a speech which explains the situation further. Along with Irony they plan an escape but are caught, and after an explosion. He and Irony awake in solitary confinement, where he meets Karl and Leckie, as well as some other inmates. Together, they escape the prison and then split up. Irony, Derek, and Leckie decide to head back to the warehouse, and on the way, they meet Tyler, an evolved human who can emit EMPs. Back at the warehouse, Derek and the team help a handful of prison escapees find refuge, unaware that Shark is watching him. A mysterious woman shows up and informs Derek and the gang about an incoming batch of drugs that they need to stop. At the docks, Derek is knocked unconsciouness so Tyler can take out the power. As his friends battle Consuela, a defected Officer Bonkin, and Shark's gang, eventually coming out victorious, Derek retrieves a sorrowful Dave Rogers and the team return to the warehouse to celebrate.

Derek recalls his past and remembers his time at school when he discovered his abilities. Before encountering Company agents who underestimate him, and he escapes. However the next day he is recaptued by them using rubber gloves, and taken to a cell. Despite compassionate Company agent John Doe releasing him; his partner Lloyd Parker goes after Derek. Derek is chased by the agent after he agrees to meet Claude. Derek's father saves his son using a red blast of energy and his old school teacher Mr. Clayton is able to take Derek to meet Claude at the Tower of London.

Evolved Human Abilities

Derek has electrical manipulation. He has very little control over his ability, he has been shown to lose complete control and generate large amounts of electricity (Nemesis). He has also shown he can use his ability with little effort by simply clicking his fingers (Hidden in the Darkness). With Irony's help, Derek has managed to control his powers better, and can use it to attack people (Ambush from an Outside Source). Derek has learned to access the passive side of his ability, as he managed to use the electricity stored within him to short out an electric cell door (Veni Vidi Expugnavi).

According to his assignment tracker file at, Derek's control index is 16%. His data analysis shows his biological level at 40, cerebral at 15, elemental at 80, and temporal/spatial at 30.

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