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Part 1 and Part 2 of Mary Rose's Origins arc have been released.

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Sydney Seaside Mall
CH Mall.jpg
Location: Sydney, Australia
Purpose: a location for different shops

Different shops are contained in the Sydney Seaside Mall.

Notable Visitors


Dave Rogers, Part 1

After their sad defeat against Jack Steelson, Dave Rogers and Curtis Hovsepian sit in the mall, drinking coffee. Amber Myers, Dave's girlfriend, suddenly appears and says hello to Dave, who is shocked that Amber has followed him on his assignment.

Dave Rogers, Part 2

Amber confronts Dave, visiting him hoping to have a small vacation. Dave Rogers tells her to go back home, when suddenly, water floods into the mall. It was Steelson who was forcing sea water into the mall, specifically the basement, which is where Dave, Amber, and Curtis were. As Amber was racing up the escalators, a wave of water came crashing down, hitting her. Dave swam in the quickly rising water looking for her. He could not find her and had to go. Later, Dave sees on the news that Amber had been identified as a drowned victim of the flood.

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