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Daniel Schneider
Fan Creation Daniel.jpg
First appearance Shattered Lives
In-story stats
Known ability Mental Disturbance
Age 19
Date of birth August 21, 1989
Assignment tracker CO11

Daniel Schneider was an evolved human with the ability of Mental Disturbance. He used his ability to help the police; he would disarm criminals by giving them terrible headaches.

Character History

Shattered Lives

After being released from the prison, Daniel did not flee the building with the other prisoners; instead going to confront 'the top boss'. He uses his ability to bypass the guards and torture Consuela, but before he can do any more he is shot from behind by a mysterious woman.

Evolved Human Ability

Daniel possesses the ability of mental disturbance. His ability enables him to disturb others' concentration, by giving them terrible headaches. He used this ability to subdue Officer Bonkin and torture Consuela, by giving them splitting headaches. It was also mentioned that he often used this ability to disarm criminals on the streets and help the police force. (Shattered Lives)

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