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Pinehearst building.jpg

Volume: One
Number: 104
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: April 13, 2009
Previous Episode: How to Stop an Exploding Van
Next Episode: Company Men

The Story

“Wait!” yelled Gabriel, “grab me, I’ll teleport out of here. Claude and Abigail run, I can only teleport two at a time."

At that moment a police officer burst into the room. “Put your hands up! Get down on the floor slowly.”

“Grab me!” bellowed Gabriel. Everyone did.

“Put your hands up, or I’ll shoot, look what you did to Bonkin, he's out cold!”

Nobody let go and Gabriel squinted in concentration. The policeman fired.

“Aaargh!” howled Abigail. Irony went to grab her, but he was too late, Gabriel had teleported and Abigail was left behind. They materialised back into the warehouse.

“We need to save her,” said Derek, “imagine what it’s going to do to Lee”.

"Where's Claude? It's been twenty minutes," complained an anxious Gabriel, "I hope he escaped." Just then Claude burst through the door. "Claude! where's Abigail?"

"She’s okay, half dead, but she’ll survive. She managed to deflect the bullet with a force field, it was heading straight for her heart, but it hit her in the arm. The police grabbed her and taken her to St. Edmund's Hospital, but she’s being transferred to Wormwood Scrubs tomorrow. She’s being heavily guarded tonight so we’ll never get to her. We will have to make the escape next week."

"Great, we lost the guy, exploded in a van, got nicked, got Abigail shot and got arrested," said Gabriel.

All of a sudden, a woman entered; she ran in so quickly everything in the room flew up, as if it were in a vortex. “Hi, I’m Daphne. I’m here to bring you a message from Mr. Petrelli, he’s set up a new breed of the Company, called Pinehearst.”

“Let me guess, Daphne Millbrook, speedster, Lawrence, Kansas,” said Gabriel.

“How did you--” said Daphne.

Company,” replied Claude. “So that’s what Peter’s been up to, didn’t think he had it in him to set up a company.”

“Oh no, it’s Arthur Petrelli, not Peter. Anyway, gotta run, here’s our card,” she said, and quick as a flash, left the room.

“So who is Arthur Petrelli, then?” asked Derek.

“Well I don't really know, Arthur Petrelli was one of the 12 founders of the Primatech Company,” said Gabriel, “but he died about a year ago.”

“It could be someone like Candice, with the power of illusion, or a shape shifter like James Martin,” replied Claude.

“It could be a very powerful telepath, but that person would have to extremely experienced, and I don’t think anyone is that powerful,” said Irony.

“Wait,” said Claude, “when I was training Peter he told me about a cheerleader who could rapidly heal, Bennet’s girl, what was her name? Oh, Claire, that was it.”

“But Arthur had been dead for a year; could Claire’s blood really do that?” questioned Gabriel.

“Wait, wait, wait,” said Derek, clearly frustrated. “Who is Peter?”

“Peter Petrelli, he has empathic mimicry, he exploded over Kirby Plaza, almost released the Shanti virus, and shot his brother Nathan.”

“Wait, we’ve been working together and you haven’t told me anything about this!”


“Well here’s what you’re going to do,” pointing at Claude and Gabriel. Derek was getting angry. “You’re putting us in danger because of the Company agents, you almost got Abigail killed. Now you’re going to tell me your history, everything about it.”

“Okay," said Claude, "it all started when..."

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