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Energy Conversion
Energy Conversion.jpg
KC converts kinetic energy to a powerful blast of thermal energy.
Held by: KC
Ability to: Convert one energy form to another.

Energy Conversion is the ability to convert an initial type of energy into a different one.


  • KC is the only character known to have this ability.


As of yet, KC has only been able to convert basic forms of energy to other basic forms. She has absorbed the kinetic energy of an oncoming basketball and unwilling fired the stored energy as a small, concentrated ball of fire, or thermal energy. The impact of the ball on her hand however caused pain and bruising, and was not absorbed. KC has also unwillingly absorbed solar energy while walking outside into kinetic energy, which allowed her to walk for a longer duration than possible for someone her size.

As of Déjà Vu, KC has developed her ability to be strong enough to convert energy into radiation.

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