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Wormwood Scrubs Correctional Facility
Wormwood scrubs.jpg
The Wormwood Scrubs
Location: London
Purpose: To lock dangerous prisoners away

The Wormwood Scrubs Correctional Facility holds prisoners from harming the public.

Notable Employees

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Requiem of a Prison Break

Dave, Irony and Derek arrive at the prison. Derek and Irony share their plan with Dave, explaining that there must be an evolved human who prevents prisoners from escaping. Dave paralyzes the guard at the front desk, demanding to know where Abigail is, and Derek threatens to electrocute him. The guard gives the location of Abigail's cell and of the place where escapees get trapped. Derek, Dave and Irony reach the second floor and walk down the corridor when they notice a plaque they've passed by not so long ago. They figure out the evolved human should be near, and when they find him, Irony releases a blast of his ability, temporarily weakening everyone in the corridor. They get to the fourth floor, and Irony speculates that the evolved human must be able to control probability of other peoples' actions' success. When he emerges from the corner, Derek attempts to electrocute him, but the blast rebounds at Irony. Dave manages to paralyze the evolved human, but he hits the fire alarm while falling. Water sprayed down the ceiling, causing Derek to electrocute himself, and Irony and Dave decide to carry him until they find Abigail. The fire alarm opened all the cells, including Abigail's. Irony tells her to bring down a wall with her ability so they could escape, and they jump out from the building, encased in a forcefield.

Meanwhile, the evolved human, whose name is revealed to be Andy, is being resuscitated, but to no avail. As he was being placed in a body bag, he opened his eyes and whispered, "Jack the Ripper".

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