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This article archives the history of Derek Simmonds during Volume One. For more about Derek, see the main article.

Character History

Hidden in the Darkness

Derek meets Irony, Gabriel Bishop and Claude in a the tower of London. Derek tells them he is having problems with his ability. After Claude and Gabriel show him their powers he goes to their warehouse to learn to control his powers. He explains that he just has to click his fingers and he releases electricity but it is too much and he loses control. Irony offers his help by using his ability to weaken him. They decide to train him while weakened until he can control his ability. A Company agent arrives at the warehouse and using his ability tries to capture Derek. After they subdue the agent Derek leaves with the gang.


As the company agent is being tortured by Gabriel Bishop and Claude he wonders why the company is after him, he has done nothing wrong. The agents partner arrives and the two agents escape Derek helps the others chase them through the streets of London. Derek then gets a lesson in controlling his ability from Irony and Gabriel however he loses control and can only stop when Irony uses his ability on him knocking him out in the process.

How to Stop an Exploding Van

Derek questions Claude as to where he has been, but gets shot down. Then after Irony has told him of their next assignment he accompanies them to find him. When the van explodes Derek and the others are protected by Abigail's force field but are then arrested. At the police station Derek stays quiet and lets the others do the talking.


After Irony had knocked out Officer Bonkin Derek and Irony were teleported out by Gabriel Bishop. Back at the warehouse Derek starts questioning Claude and Gabriel about their time with the company after a visit from Daphne.

Company Men

Derek listens to Claude and Gabriel Bishop's pasts and realises how much they have gone through.

Requiem of a Prison Break

Derek is introduced to Dave Rogers by Irony. The three of them head to Wormwood Scrubs to break Abigail out from prison. They come up with a plan, but at the prison, another evolved human makes life difficult for them using his ability. Derek's attempted usage of electricity is rendered null by the evolved human, who causes the electricity to bounce off and hit Irony multiple times. When they get to Abigail, however, Abigail surrounds Derek, Irony, and Dave in a force field and gets them to safety.

Jack the Ripper

Derek, Irony, Claude, and Gabriel Bishop take a break from training, when suddenly Claude turns invisible. Later, he returns with 10-pound notes, and Derek questions how he got them. Claude replies not to worry. The team heads to a corner shop, and meets Jenny, the cashier, who they discover also have an ability. They offer to recruit Jenny into their team. When they return to the warehouse, they are confronted by Officer Bonkin, who wants them to help stop Jack the Ripper. Derek asks where they go, and Bonkin replies that the next murder will be somewhere in Whitechapel, at 9 o'clock.

Murder at Whitechapel

Derek and the others are attacked by Jack the Ripper at Whitechapel. They manage to escape to a warehouse; when Jack follows them and possesses Irony, Derek questions what's going on.

Ambush from an Outside Source

Derek and Officer Bonkin return to the warehouse, and Claude brings them up to date on the situation. Three days later, at St. Grays Hospital, Jack returns, and Derek and the others battle him, eventually defeating him.

Three weeks later, Derek and the others celebrate Jack's demise. All of a sudden, Danko's team ambushes the party and captures Derek, Gabriel, Irony, and Jenny.

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