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Frederick Davies
First appearance Hidden in the Darkness
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Alias Flamer
Age 25
Place of birth New York, NY
Home Hartsdale, NY
Residence Unknown
Occupation former the Company agent
Assignment tracker CH02

Frederick Davies is a former Company agent with the ability of pyrokinesis.

Character history

Volume One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Frederick Davies: Volume One history.

Frederick bursts into the warehouse where Irony, Claude, Gabriel Bishop and Derek are hiding. He uses his ability to try and subdue them but he is stopped when Irony uses his ability to stop his ability. He is then tied up. Later, Frederick is then tortured by Claude and Gabriel Bishop as to how he found them. However, his partner arrives and breaks him free, the two escape and manage to lose the Cockney Heroes.

When recounting his past, Gabriel explains how he was partnered with Frederick in a new protocol called "Two of them, None of us". He was sent with Frederick to apprehend a dangerous evolved human. Frederick watched as Gabriel disappeared.

Weeks later, Frederick is making his way to St. Grays hospital when he sees his worst fear. When he gets into the hospital, he is possessed by Jack the Ripper. He then proceeds, while taken over by Jack, to find the Cockney Heroes. When the lights go out Jack uses his ability to move through the shadows and appears in Irony's room. A battle starts with Derek using his ability and Jack using his newly acquired ability from Frederick. When Frederick is hit, he plays dead and when the Cockney Heroes team members' backs are turned, he melts into the shadows. He appears in Gabriel's room and Frederick sends fireballs flying against Claude and Derek until Irony starts draining his power and Gabriel hits him with a bolt of electricity. Frederick is knocked out of the window and disappears.

Shattered Lives

Frederick escapes from the prison, and heads to the countryside, to evade the agents that are trying to recapture the escapees. However, he was followed, and he is ambushed by agents. He feigns his death in an explosion of a car that he had stolen, but then, catches the agents by surprise and attacks them with fire. He throws fire at the agents, but they use foam to disable his ability. Just as they were about to capture him, the agents' van explode, taking most of them with it. A woman steps out from the rubble and helps wash the foam off Frederick's body, then gives him a motorcycle on which to escape. Frederick receives a text message from REBEL.

Later, Frederick arrives at the warehouse, where the other escapees have also convened, following REBEL's tips. Irony expresses his surprise in seeing Frederick after their previous encounter.

Dave Rogers, Part 3

Back when he was still working for the Company, Frederick and his partner Gabriel Bishop stand in Level 5, watching an angry Dave Rogers threaten Jack Steelson in Steelson's cell. After leaving the cell, Dave storms past Frederick and Gabriel, and leaves without a word.

Room 410

The mysterious woman tells Kate, Elizabeth, Derek, Tyler and Irony that they must stop the incoming batch of drugs and in order to do this they will need both Frederick and Leckie who the gang proceeds to rescue.

Kill or Be Killed

At the docks Frederick, Derek, Kate and Tyler return to a relieved Irony, Elizabeth and Leckie apologising about a hiccup. Irony then briefs the team and they prepare to destroy the drugs.

Frederick and the rest of team assemble outside the gate ready to perform their key jobs which Irony assigned them to do, just as John is shot by the guards. Leckie sets off with Frederick who burns the fence, so Leckie can knock it out. Leckie then repels the approaching guards as Frederick sends out the signal to the rest of the team.

The pair then save Irony, using their powers together to create a fiery seismic wave which stops Bonkin and his prison guards from killing Irony. As the team reunites, Elizabeth comes running towards them saying Consuela is here, before she is cut off.

The Die Is Cast

At the docks, Dave Rogers paralyzes the Cockney Heroes and helps Consuela tie them up. When finished he releases them and explains to a bewildered Irony that he only helped Gabriel break Abigail out of prison because, he said he would help him find someone, but instead he just disappeared.

Consuela then turns on Dave, and as she is about to shoot, Shark's gang appears and she is sent to her death by Ladzaro. Dave takes his chance to escape unnoticed as the two gangs standoff.

As Sarah escapes her bonds and helps untie Frederick and the others, as fight ensues between the gangs; Frederick throws fireballs at their counterparts, one narrowly missing Shark. However, Irony, using his ability, knocks out Shark and his gang, and the Cockney Heroes are victorious. Frederick says he'll meet the others later as they leave to go to the underground bunker for a party, while he stays to deal with the drugs.

Evolved Human Abilities

Frederick has been shown to produce both small and large amounts of flame. He released a cataclysmic burst of flame in Hidden in the Darkness.

His ability was also used when he was possessed by Jack, he threw fireballs at the Cockney Heroes in Ambush from an Outside Source.

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