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Sliding Doors
Daphne exits the subway.jpg

Volume: Two
Number: 206
Planned by: Gabriel Bishop
Written by: Leckie
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: 21st June, 2009
Previous Episode: Déjà Vu
Next Episode: Shattered Lives

The Story

“Phew!” said Leckie. “We finally got out of there, I hated that place.”

“Me too,” replied Karl.

“So?” asked Derek, “what are we going to do now?”

“Well, I don’t know,” said Irony, “what were you guys thinking?”

Irony, Derek, Leckie, and Karl turned to look at the other escapees, only to find that they were already gone.

“Hey, where’d they go?!” asked Derek.

“Don’t know,” replied Leckie, “they must’ve gone as soon as we got out.”

“So,” Derek repeated, “what are we going to do?”

“Well, I was thinking,” said Karl, “we should go back to our flats and homes to get some personal stuff then meet back up somewhere.”

“Good idea Karl,” replied Leckie, “but where would we meet up?”

“Well,” said Derek and Irony, “we might just have the perfect place.”

“OK, let’s all go to our homes and regroup at the tube station,” said Karl. With that, Karl disappeared and Leckie ran off leaving Irony and Derek.

“Well the warehouse is our home,” said Derek, “will we just wait for them at the tube station?”

“Yeah that would be best,” replied Irony.


Irony and Derek stood at the entrance waiting for the other two to arrive. Leckie ran from behind a corner. “They ransacked my flat,” he told them, “they tore it up, don’t know what they were looking for.”

“Do you think the warehouse and Karl’s flat is the same?” asked Derek.

“Karl’s flat is,” Karl said out if nowhere, Derek, Irony and Leckie turned round to see Karl standing there with his journal in his hands, “they didn’t take anything, so they were probably just looking for us. In light of this I need to go somewhere, I can’t make more than two people into air at a time so you three take the tube and I will be back in around an hour,” he finished. Then he vanished.

“Well since we are going to need to use the tube to get to the warehouse,” Irony said, “it will take a while but we should be able to.”

“How?” asked Leckie.

“How what?” replied Irony.

“How are we going to use the tube? We have no money,” answered Leckie.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that,” said Irony.

“Well, we have to figure out some other way of getting home,” said Derek, “Otherwise what are we going to do?”

“How about you simply short the barriers, Derek?” said Irony.

“I can do that,” he smiled and touched the barriers, sending an electric current through them and overloading the system allowing them to pass. "At least it's deserted being nine o’clock at night,” said Derek.

They made their way to the train and stood on the platform waiting for the train; it was indeed deserted except for a hooded figure that stood at the other end of the platform. The train arrived and no one was on the four people on the platform boarded the train and sat down. The train shuddered off and started making its way to the next station. As the train was nearing the end of a tunnel, it suddenly stopped.

“Why isn’t the train working?” asked Leckie.

“Don’t know,” replied Irony, “do you think the government could have done something?”

“How could they? They can’t have any idea that we are on here,” said Derek. “Whoa I don’t feel so good.”

“That man might have pulled the emergency stop?” asked Irony. They all looked at the man, whose hands were glowing blue. “Actually looks like 'one of us'.”

“What ability could stop a whole train?” asked Leckie.

“Well we have a friend, who can turn things on and off, but it can’t be her, she hasn’t got enough control to do this, but that looks like a man,” said Derek. “I can’t think of anything else that could do this.”

“Actually,” said Leckie, “when we were in the prison, I heard some of the guards talking about someone who could release EMPs, maybe he escaped and has done this.”

“I know,” said Irony, “I will check my mobile, that is one good way to see if it is an EMP. My phone has stopped working, even if I turn it on it doesn’t work, that would also explain why Derek doesn’t feel well.”

“So this person has released an EMP on the London Underground? Not the best place to do that!” said Derek.

“We need to see if he can reverse what he has done, we need to meet Karl at the warehouse,” said Leckie. The three of them made their way towards the man, he saw them coming and stood up.

“HEY! STOP!” shouted Derek, “We only want to talk to you!”

This made the man run, he ran to the end of the carriage but the door was jammed. “Damn,” he cursed under his breath.

“We only want to talk,” said Irony.

“I don’t want to talk,” smiled the hooded figure turning his hands blue and sending out an EMP pulse sending Derek, Irony, and Leckie flying backwards.

“Looks like this could get nasty,” said Derek sending a bolt of electricity flying at the man, but missing him completely and hitting the jammed door. "What on earth?” he exclaimed.

“Looks like that EMP is messing with your ability too,” said Leckie as he sent out a seismic burst hitting the man and sending him flying through the jammed door and on to the tracks. “Damn,” cursed Leckie as the man starting running through the tunnel. “It looks like we are chasing him again.”

They ran after the man, but he sent out another pulse this time it was too much for Derek who was knocked out cold.

“We have to leave him, we need to get that man, all the trains will be down so come on,” shouted Leckie to Irony who was bent over Derek making sure he was breathing.

Irony and Leckie ran until Irony remembered his developed power, when the man was in his sights he put his hands together and focused hard. The tunnel became cold and Leckie collapsed as did the man as Irony drained their energy from afar. Irony ran towards the man and grabbed him. He could see he was scared.

“What’s your name?” asked Irony.

“Tyler, Tyler Venson, please don’t hurt me, I just didn’t want to go back,” he replied

“Go back?” asked Leckie, who had regained conscious, “were you recently in a prison where you weren’t able to use your ability?”

“Yes! How do you know?!” exclaimed Tyler, obviously surprised that someone else knew about the prison, “wait, you have abilities too, were you kept there too?”

“Yes”, said Derek, who had regained conscious also, and had made his way to find the others, “we were the ones who let everyone loose.”

“So, did you shut the train and everything down?” asked Irony.

“Yes”, replied Tyler, “because bad people are coming after us.”

“Who?” asked Leckie.

“The sort of people from the prison, I found out they are waiting at the next stop so I shut down the train so they can’t get us,” said Tyler. “You didn’t know they would be waiting?!”

“To be honest, no we didn’t,” said Leckie, rather meekly, “but how did you?”

“I got a text from someone called REBEL,” replied Tyler, obviously quite nervous. “He said that the prison guards were at the next station and to get out as soon as I could.”

“Are you able to reverse the effects of your EMP?” asked Leckie, “because that could help.”

“I recently discovered that I can, yes,” answered Tyler, “how can it help?”

“Well, reverse the effects so the train will start moving and I can ring a friend who can help,” replied Leckie.

“Okay, I will do that now then, you might want to stand back,” he advised.

Tyler’s hands started to glow blue, but instead off releasing the energy, his hands seemed to be drawing it in. Derek felt revitalised but Tyler looked drained.

“Karl, we are stuck in the subway, we need your help,” said Leckie into Irony’s now working phone, “be as quick as you can, there are agents waiting for us.”


“Right, I can try and create a passage way to the warehouse, but I rarely use my earth aspect,” Karl said as he appeared. “Just follow me,” and with that he waved his hand and the wall in front of them opened up they started walking and as they did the ground moved back to its original place behind them. Karl moved as quickly as he could, making the ground move with him. Then there was light.

They found themselves in a sewer. “Looks like we need to go up,” said Leckie.

“Well let's hurry up, it stinks down here,” replied Derek.

The five of them went up and found out they were outside the warehouse. “Well that’s what I call lucky,” laughed Irony as the five of them went into the warehouse.

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