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Midas Touch

Volume: Two
Number: 209
Planned by: Danko
Written by: Danko
Edited by: Leckie
Airdate: 3rd July, 2009
Previous Episode: The Wanderer Returns
Next Episode: Room 410

The Story

Two days ago

The Bank in London was perhaps the biggest and most famous in the capital; flocks of customers each day took out money, set up bank accounts and used the other facilities on offer at the bank. On a Wednesday morning, queues were going back to the large revolving doorway.

As a family left the bank, a group of five out-of-place individuals entered. Mike, Sophie, Mary and Ladzaro took positions around the bank, much to the dismay of the two security men, who exchanged nervous glances. Shark moved into the centre of the bank, took out one of his two pistols and fired upwards.

Screaming ensued; in a mad panic customers simultaneously ran for the exits. However Shark fired again.

"Get down on the floor!" he roared. Only one person did not obey, a young man who continued sprinting to the exit. Shark took aim and the man was shot in the back, collapsing in his pool of blood.

"Anyone else want to be a hero?" he boomed, yet there was no response.

Shark’s four associates then stepped out and walked to the cashiers, ransacking each till, silently yet efficiently.

Shark smiled but it was short-lived as the sound of police cars pulling up outside the bank made Shark spin around, annoyed.

"How the hell do they know?" he shouted.

"I told you," muttered Mike under his breath.

Shark ignored him. "Alright, Ladzaro, looks like it's time for Plan B."

The dark-haired, well-built man nodded and, to the shock of the hostages, created a portal.

The police reached the entrance of the back, entering in their masses, guns and batons raised, only to enter a bank full of hostages lying down, with no sign of the robbers. Officer Bonkin scratched his head, hoping he would not come across this sort of thing again, but ultimately knew that come tomorrow, he would.

After successfully blackmailing any possible opponents to leave London immediately, Shark drove past the gate and entered the penthouse. Going up the stairwell, he heard loud noises from the first floor. Placing down his pistol next to the many golden pieces of cutlery, Shark entered the main room to find various members of the group shouting at Richard.

"You idiot," roared Mary, "you honestly thought they wouldn’t suspect anything?!" Sophie, Mike, Tara and Ladzaro sat at the table, all scowling at Richard.

As he opened his mouth to protest, he started screaming, writhing in pain. Richard bent down on all fours, a victim of Tara punishing him by manipulating his insides.

"Tara, stop!" said Shark sternly. She obeyed. "Now someone tell me what has happened."

Mike answered, "Rich just sold a load of gold items but in about five minutes the police will be making a house call, obviously thinking he got it off the black market or something."

"Then what will happen?" Shark asked in a concerned tone.

"Hold on," muttered Mike and his eyes turned dark purple. Whilst in the trance, there was a ring from downstairs.

Sophie swore, "I say we have ‘em," smiling maliciously.

"No," replied Shark and proceeded back down to the entrance.

The policeman and woman looked nervous as they approached the penthouse, his hand on the transmitter the man rang the doorbell,

"Good evening, officers," said Shark confidently, "is there something you want?"

"Well, yes actually," replied the Officer. "We have had complaints about your apartment, apparently there has been an argument happening."

"Oh! Okay, there will be no more problems, the argument has been resolved."

"Good, sorry for taking your time," replied the female officer. "Bye."

The gang smiled as the police car drove off, when Mike suddenly jumped up. "Shark, there’s…"

"We know, they've gone," replied Sophie.

"No it’s just that there is going to be something you need to see, happening at some warehouse in Islington, something big."

Shark frowned. "I'll go," he confidently replied.

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  • The title Midas Touch refers to King Midas, who was able to turn whatever he touched into gold. The ability ultimately leads to his own demise.

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