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Sand Mimicry
Sand Mimicry.jpg
Someone turns a man into sand.
Held by: Elizabeth Whiteheart
Ability to: Turn things into sand and turn one's self into sand.

Sand Mimicry is the ability to turn one's self and things into sand.



Elizabeth Whiteheart

Elizabeth can turn herself and others into sand and then return to human form. When Elizabeth uses her ability on others, they usually scream, but the process is rather scary than painful, since Elizabeth doesn't feel pain when she becomes sand. People whom she turns back from sand are unconscious. It seems that Elizabeth needs every grain of sand to transform others and herself back to human form, but this was never tested. Elizabeth cannot control herself while in sandy form.
It is unknown if her ability applies to humans only, as she was never shown to turn non-living objects into sand, or if she can use her ability to transform initial sand into objects.

See Also

  • For the ability to turn things into sand, see Granulation.

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