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This article archives the history of Frederick Davies during Volume One. For more about Frederick, see the main article.

Character History

Hidden in the Darkness

Frederick bursts into the warehouse where Irony, Claude, Gabriel Bishop and Derek are hiding. He uses his ability to try and subdue them but he is stopped when Irony uses his ability to stop his ability. He is then tied up.


Frederick is then tortured by Claude and Gabriel Bishop as to how he found them, however his partner arrives and breaks him free, the two escape and lose the Cockney Heroes.

Company Men

Gabriel explains how he was partnered with Frederick in a new protocol called "two of them, none of us". He was sent with Frederick to apprehend a dangerous evolved human. Frederick watched as Gabriel disappeared.

Ambush from an Outside Source

Frederick is making his way to the hospital when he sees his worst fear and when he gets into the hospital he is possessed by Jack the Ripper. He then proceeds, while taken over by Jack, to find the Cockney Heroes. When the lights go out Jack uses his ability to move through the shadows and appears in Irony's room. A battle starts with Derek using his ability and Jack using his newly acquired ability from Frederick. When Frederick is hit, he plays dead and when the Cockney Heroes backs are turned he melts into the shadows. He appears in Gabriel's room and Frederick sends fireballs flying against Claude and Derek until Irony starts draining his power and Gabriel hit him with a bolt of electricity, Frederick is knocked out of the window and disappears.

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