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Fear Induction
Fear Induction.jpg
A woman becomes fearful as a result of this ability's usage.
Originally held by: Unknown
Absorbed by: "Jack the Ripper"
Ability to: Make one's fears come to life

Fear Induction is the ability to make a person's fear come to life, but only in their mind.



Jack the Ripper

Jack has demonstrated this ability twice. Once, he used it on Irony. Although not much is known about this ability, Jack knew Irony's biggest fear (which is of drowning) and used this as an advantage to scare him. (Murder at Whitechapel)

He also used the ability on Frederick Davies, whose greatest fear were owls. Jack made many owls appear outside a hospital before possessing Frederick. (Ambush from an Outside Source)

See Also

  • For the ability which allows the user to induce both fear and happiness, see bliss and horror.

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