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Shark of the Streets
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Volume: Two
Number: 202
Planned by: Radicell
Written by: Radicell
Airdate: 5th June, 2009
Previous Episode: Veni Vidi Expugnavi
Next Episode: Imprisoned

The Story

Derek awoke and opened his droopy eyelids. “Urgh, where am I?” he said.

A mysterious man stared at him. “I'm Karl,” he said, and then motioned to another man next to him, who was squatting against the wall. “His name is Leckie. And uh, we're in solitary confinement.”

Nine hours earlier...

"How nice, you two can become best friends" said a voice from the shadows. "But you won’t be using those abilities anymore" the voice cackled as Shark turned to see a woman shutting the window of the cell door.

The mysterious man known as Shark paced around in his cell. After the woman had just informed him that he could no longer use his powers, and he was clearly annoyed.

"I know what it's like. I mean, I got rich with my power," said Richard Gold, his cellmate.

"Yeah. I did too. They told us they were administering a drug called... Diabolica? This is crazy."

A bell rung outside. It was lunchtime. Shark and Richard stood up, both hungry.

Two minutes later, Shark walked into the building's cafeteria, where a worker passed him a packaged sandwich. He tried replicating it, but it wasn't working. All around the complex, he heard the moans and grumbles of other evolved humans who had discovered that their abilities were gone. Shark looked up, and saw that there were about ten floors of cells, at the top of one of the walls; he saw a large letter A, next to a raised skywalk above the floors of cells. This must be Block A, Shark figured, and that skywalk must be leading to the other blocks. Adjusting his gaze downwards, he saw a number of security guards, spaced evenly, almost systematically, around each of the floors.

Just then, someone tapped him on the shoulder. Shark spun and saw Mike Douglas, his right-hand man back in their crew. "Mike! You're in here, too?"

"Hey Shark, nice t' see you too. I saw you in the crowd during the meeting, didn't get a chance to holler. Listen, there's something you need to know."

"If it's about those visions of yours, Mike, you know you won't be able to use your visions in here." Shark laughed. Mike had the power to see the future through visions, and had always loved the power.

"No, Shark, it's different. Before we were thrown in here, I had a vision of being in here. It made no sense, but now it does." Mike paused. "And you know what? In the vision, I saw that we were going to get out of here!"

"Whoa, Mike, be quiet." Shark hustled Mike to the food catering line. "Grab a lunch, we'll talk about this in my cell upstairs," he whispered.

Five minutes later, Shark listened in astonishment as Mike finished telling him about his vision. "So you're telling me that they're all in here? Sophie, Mary, Ladzaro?"

"Yes. And it's not just them we're escaping with. There were two other guys. There was a strange blonde girl and another guy who I don't know anything about”

At that moment, Richard Gold walked into the room, munching on his sandwich. "What 'up, Shark?"

"That's him!" shouted Mike. "He was in my vision! He's escaping with us."

"What?" asked Richard, and Shark introduced Mike to him and brought him up to date on everything. When Richard asked how they were going to escape, Shark was clueless.

"Yeah, Mike, how the hell are we getting out of here without our powers?"

"That I don't know, I only remember envisioning us running out of the complex and getting to safety."

Shark was about to reply, but heard commotion from outside the cell. He ran out to the balcony, and witnessed the cafeteria floor becoming absolute chaos. Guards were charging towards the stairs that led to the upper floors. From the balcony, Shark could see some guards racing onto the skywalk above the cells, and making their way past the large letter A and through the doorway, out of the building. More and more guards charged up the stairs, it seemed endless. "Some emergency must be going on in some other block," Shark muttered. As he began walking back to the cell, he looked down, and to his utter amazement, he carried in his hands two half-eaten sandwiches instead of one. "The guards gone... our powers..."

"Mike!" he shouted. "Our powers are back! Access your visions, now! Try to see how we're getting out of here! Richard and I will hold off any guards that come."

"Got it, give me a few minutes." Mike sat still, and closed his eyes. When they reopened, they were dark purple.

"Whoa!" shouted Richard, but Shark told him that that's what happens when Mike sees visions. "Don't disturb him; we want the escape plan to be as clear as possible. C'mon Richard, let's scope out the building a bit."

Shark and Richard ascended the stairwell at the centre of the building. When they reached the third floor, a frantic blonde woman confronted them. "What's going on, guys? This curse that I have is back! Isn't this place supposed to remove these curses?"

"You have a power, don't you, lady?" asked Shark.

"I... I make people vomit uncontrollably! You call that a power?"

"I could help you with it, lady. Anyways, what's your name?"

"Her name's Tara." From behind them, Mike climbed up the stairs. "She's coming with us."

"How could you be so sure?" asked Richard, but Shark knew better.

"Listen," Mike said. "You said you could make people vomit, right?" He pointed at the blonde. "Well, in my vision, I saw that the skywalk up there was littered with guards, who were all vomiting uncontrollably. It was disgusting. Anyways, we simply used the skywalk to get to Block B, where we pick up Mary -- Mary Rose."

"Yeah, we can't leave her. Did you say that Sophie and Ladzaro were in here as well?" asked Shark.

"Yeah. They're both in Block D. We run into a bit of trouble on the skywalk in one of those blocks, but we stay together and eventually we have all of us together."

"What happens next?" questioned an anxious Richard. "How do we actually escape?" But everyone saw the look of blankness on Mike's face, and realized that Mike must have awoken from his vision at that point.

"Whatever. We'll figure it out later. C'mon, to the skywalk, now!"

Shark, Richard, Mike, and Tara ran up the several flights of stairs and finally reached the skywalk, panting with every breath. As they charged for the door next to the large, painted "A", they heard voices from behind it. Guards' voices "Can't believe there was a breakout on our second day of work, Bobby. This job is ridiculous."

"When they open that door," Mike said to Tara, "You're gonna have to do your thing." Tara nodded.

As the voices approached closer and closer, Shark suddenly turned and grabbed Tara, and whispered, "run! Get to the other end of the skywalk. Now!" He hustled her along. Everyone was confused, and Richard hollered, "Shark, what the --"

The door opened, and the two guards stepped into Block A. "What are you guys doing up here?" asked the one named Bobby. He aimed his gun at Richard, while his partner drew his weapon on Mike.

At the other end of the skywalk, Shark whispered, "do it, now!" Tara raised her hand, and Bobby and his partner clutched at their stomachs. They stumbled a few steps, and fell onto their sides, vomit flying in the process. Mike picked up their guns and walkie-talkies, which they had dropped. He walked up to the guards, who were rolling around, writhing in pain. With a professional pistol-whip, Bobby and his partner were out cold.

When Shark and Tara joined them, Richard asked, "Shark! Why the hell did you run all the way over there? Scared me for a second."

"I realized how they were removing our powers," Shark replied. "It's the guards. They're probably taking pills or something. When the guards are spaced out evenly in the building, like they normally are, they're able to block our powers. But when there are no guards in a certain distance, your powers are back. That's why I ran Tara over there. When those two guards entered, Tara wouldn't have been able to affect them."

Mike nodded and said, "no time for technicalities, Shark. We've got to find Mary. She's in Block B, but the cafeteria and lower floors of this building are crawling with guards!"

"Fortunately," said Shark, "you can always spot Mary in a crowd." He crawled along the skywalk into Block B, avoiding the splashes of vomit. "We have to crawl now, or else they'll see us from below." He peeked over the edge of the skywalk, and looked downwards.

On the cafeteria floor of Block B, everyone was staring at a black woman as she shoved a tall, innocent-looking man. "You bumped into me on purpose, you son of a bitch!" The woman proceeded to deliver a kick to the man's groin.

"Easy there, woman. Everyone's tired today, don't stir up no trouble," said a guard. The woman ignored the guard and spat at the man she kicked instead, who was writhing in pain.

From above, Mike shifted his gaze and looked at Shark. "Yep, that's her no doubt. Now, how do we get her attention? 'Cause we're definitely not going down there."

Shark wondered the same thing, but he saw the answer lying next to him. "I'm sorry, Mary..."

Still angry from being bumped into, Mary Rose began walking towards the lunch line again, to get a new sandwich. All of a sudden, she felt something drip into her hair. Then another drip came, and then another. She dipped her finger into her hair, and discovered a yellow, slimy liquid.

"Who the hell is vomiting on me!" she yelled upwards, but then she saw the faces of Shark and Mike. She smiled and headed for the stairwell.

Five minutes later, Block D was in utter chaos. There were only a few guards who had stayed behind when the rest had rushed off to Block B. Now, these few guards were having the worst time of their life. Their stomachs rebelled against them, expelling vomit again and again. Some tried radioing for help, but the vomiting never stopped and they couldn't reach their handsets. As their bodies got tired from all the vomiting, they began failing their users, and all the guards, one by one, began falling unconscious.

"You know," said Tara, with an evil smile on her face, "this is actually kind of fun."

"Yeah, no time for amusement, blondie. You did your job, now, let's get Sophie and Ladzaro and get out of here," said Mary. "Sophie! Ladzaro!" she shouted from the skywalk. A few moments passed, and then, both of them shyly stepped out of their cells. Cringing at the piles of vomit everywhere, they made their way up to the skywalk to join the rest of Shark's crew.

"So I'm assuming you need my power to get of here, right guys?" asked Ladzaro Venturini, who was a tall Italian man wearing a golden pendant.

Nobody had thought of it earlier, but it seemed the most obvious choice. "That's right, Ladzaro," said Shark, "if you could do it now, before any guards come, that'd be --"

"Nobody move! Lie on your stomach, now!" It was Bobby and his partner, at the other end of the skywalk. "Don't move or I'll shoot!" Both guards had guns pointed at the group. Bobby's was a regular pistol, while his partner held the type that shot taser darts.

"Ladzaro! Now!" shouted Mike.

Ladzaro thrust his hands out and a large black spiral appeared in front of them. Shark grabbed Richard, Mike grabbed Tara, and Mary grabbed Sophie, and they all jumped into the spiral. From the other end of the skywalk, Bobby uttered, "son of a bitch!" Both him and his partner fired their guns, but they never saw where the bullets went. For it seemed that everyone had simply disappeared into the spiral.

They reappeared in total darkness. The sound of a bullet hitting metal was heard, and then the sound of leaking gas. Then, the crackling sound of a taser was heard. "Ladzaro, what the hell! Where are we? What are all these sounds? That sounded like a bullet to me!"

"Must have been the guards' bullets, they must have gotten sucked into the portal as well! It looks like we're down in the sewers..."

But Shark had heard the taser. And the crackling sound must mean that it was leaking electricity. And there was also the leaking gas...

"Ladzaro! Make another portal, now! This place is going to explode very soon, Ladzaro, can you hear me?"

Amidst the confusion, Ladzaro loyally followed orders. And as the stray electricity ignited the gas and the darkness turned to a blinding light, Ladzaro's portal consumed everyone before they were hit by the fiery explosion.

Two hours later, in a well-lit penthouse in the West End of London, Shark stood with Mike by his side, overlooking the London skyline. "Sophie, Ladzaro, Mary, and Mike. You four have loyally served me, and your powers were invaluable help over the years. Tara and Richard, you two have impressed me today. What we can do as a team is unlimited. Anyone who tries to stand in our way, we'll take them down. The guards today at the prison were inexperienced and crude. On the streets, however, it's different." As he was saying this, Shark grabbed the gun on the table with his right hand, then went around to everybody, and flicked copies of the same gun into everyone's hands. Then, he flicked a second gun into his left hand. He held the two pistols in his hand, and cocked them.

"But the streets are going to be ours. With what we can do, London is ours for the taking."

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