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This article archives the history of Claude Rains during Volume One. For more about Andy, see the main article.

Character History

Hidden in the Darkness

Claude is waiting with Irony and Gabriel Bishop for Derek Simmonds to appear. They start getting restless, just as he appears. Claude asks why he calls and proceeds to show Derek his ability to convince him to trust them. When they are arrive at the warehouse, Derek shows them his power and that he cant control it. Claude decides to help him control his ability, but a company agent bursts in, Gabriel and Irony battle him. When they win, Gabriel and Claude tie up the agent and they all leave.


As the Cockney Heroes torture the Company agent, Claude asks him questions. When the company agents partner arrives and manages to free him Claude joins the others as they pursue them through London. When they get back to the warehouse Irony and Gabriel train Derek, but he loses control, Claude tells Irony to stop and then that they need to train him harder.

How to Stop an Exploding Van

Claude arrives after disappearing for a while, he gets questioned by an angry Derek and loses his temper. He then joins the others as they go after Richard Gold. When the van blows up Claude and the others are saved by Abigail Grisby using her ability. However when they leave the van they get arrested. In the police station Claude is with the others, as Irony subdues an officer.


As Gabriel teleports Irony and Derek away from the police station Claude witnesses what happens to Abigail before turning invisible and running away. When he makes it back to the warehouse he tells the others what happened. Then a women speeds in and informs them of a new company run by a Mr. Petrelli. Claude and Gabriel know what she is talking about and question each other about the company. When the others realise they were both in the company Derek gets angry and demands that they tell him everything.

Company Men

Claude relives his past in the company for Derek, he relives when he first found out about the company and when he was first captured by the company. He then relives a couple of his missions, including one in Paris and one in Russia. He tells when his hatred for the Company started and when he was betrayed by his partner for harboring one of them.

Jack the Ripper

Claude is in a park with Irony, Derek and Gabriel, when all of a sudden he turns invisible. When he returns he has stole some money from someone at an ATM. They then go into a shop to get a newspaper where they all learn of a new threat. When they leave Officer Bonkin catches up with them and asks for their help in catching this new threat as he has abilities.

Murder at Whitechapel

When learning of Jack the Ripper's impending attack, Claude says that the real Jack the Ripper had attacked a young blonde girl at 8 o'clock. When Jack makes his move, Claude assesses the situation and discovers that Jack's ability is etheric projection. The team manages to escape to a warehouse, and Irony asks Claude if he knows anyone back at the Company with etheric projection. Claude replies that he doesn't. However, just at this point, Jack arrives and possesses Irony.

Ambush from an Outside Source

Claude knocks out Irony with the butt of a gun to stop him from unintentionally hurting Gabriel. When Derek and Officer Bonkin arrive, Claude brings them up to date on the situation. Three days later, at St. Grays Hospital, Jack returns, and Claude and the others battle him, eventually defeating him.

Three weeks later, Claude and the others celebrate Jack's demise. When Danko's team ambushes the party and capture Gabriel, Irony, Derek, and Jenny, Claude turns invisible and hides in the shadows.

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