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Pam Marshall, Part 3
Shards of Life
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Planned by: Leckie
Written by: Leckie
Edited by: Radicell
Airdate: September 18, 2009
Previous Chapter: Pam Marshall, Part 2
Next Chapter: Karl Hall, Part 1

The Story

Pam screamed.

"No! What did I ever do to you?"

"Well nothing to be honest, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"But there are so many people in this factory right now! I specifically was asked to come here!"

"Well okay, I lied to you", admitted the psycho killer. "There is a specific reason why you were chosen out of everyone in this factory."

"And what would that be?"

"Your lovely ability of course! I realised that when I swap someone's head with mine I get their ability but keep mine at the same time! Its brilliant!"

"Please! I don't want to die!" screamed Pam. "Everything is finally going okay for me."

"Well I'm not going to apologise for what's about to happen," he laughed the words. "I mean, I am a killer."

"Please! Don't hurt me!"

He sighed. "But that's the beauty of my ability! When I remove your limbs, one by one I might add, and re-attach them onto my own body, You don't feel a thing! The perfect murder!"

What he hadn't realised was that Pam had two reasons for keeping him talking. One - obviously she didn't want to die, two - a huge wall of glass was about to come smashing into him.

He started towards her, "I'm going to enjoy this," just as the wall came speeding towards him, shattering against him; as soon as it shattered it reformed into a force-field type bubble around Pam.

"NO!", howled the killer, because she had also manipulated the glass in such a way to be able to stop him from moving.

She walked out of the basement, through the factory, ignoring the stares she was getting from the other workers, leaving the Psycho down there, and out into the city. Almost immediately she spotted a police man.

"Excuse me? You know that Psycho Killer you've been looking for, well... I know where he is."

3 weeks later

I decided to move to England, to a lovely little place in London called "Whitechapel". I got a job! I even met a man! His name is Jack...

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