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Ed Miller
Ed Miller.jpg
First appearance Live Together, Die Alone
In-story stats
Known ability Suspension
Formal name Edward Miller
Age 29
Date of birth 1980
Date of death 2007
Home London, England
Residence Apartment in London
Occupation Policeman
Significant other Laura Miller
Assignment tracker CH25

Ed Miller was a policeman from London who had become very good at his job, thanks to his ability.

Character History

Live Together, Die Alone

Ed Miller sits in his apartment, eating a meal with his wife. Unbeknown to them, Claude and Abigail sneak into the apartment, ready to rescue Ed and Laura from government agents. After arguing with Laura, an angry Ed suspends Laura in place. Laura is enraged that Ed has done that again, but suddenly, government agents burst in, guns blazing. Ed suspends all of them, and Abigail lends a helping hand. However, Ed, devastated by the loss of Laura (who has been shot in the chest), refuses to escape in time, and the apartment explodes from a stray bullet hitting a gas valve. Ed is killed.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ed Miller is able to suspend people in whatever position they are in. Through concentration or lack of it can the suspension be lifted. He has used this ability successfully on his wife, as well as on a team of government agents. (Live Together, Die Alone)

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