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Mr. Clayton
Sir Clayton.jpg
First appearance Derek Simmonds, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 39
Date of birth 1969
Place of birth Reading, England
Home London, England
Occupation High school maths teacher

Mr. Clayton is Derek Simmonds's former maths teacher.

Character History

Derek Simmonds, Part 1

Derek confides in Mr. Clayton, and tells him about his special ability. However, before Derek can convince Mr. Clayton, social workers arrive to take Derek, and Mr. Clayton laughs at Derek as he is taken away, not believing a word Derek had said.

A few months later, Derek sets out to seek revenge on Mr. Clayton for not believing him. However, before he can find Mr. Clayton, he is taken by Company agents.

Derek Simmonds, Part 3

Derek, having scheduled a meet with Claude to discuss their special abilities, discovers that he is going to be late for the meet. As he is panicking, he spots Mr. Clayton across the road, getting into his car. He greets Mr. Clayton, who is surprised to see him. He asks Mr. Clayton to drive him to the Tower of London. Since Derek was Mr. Clayton's favorite student, he agrees. When they arrive, Derek thanks Mr. Clayton, and he tells Derek to stay out of trouble.

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