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Jack Steelson
Pray this works.JPG
First appearance Dave Rogers, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Hydrokinesis
Alias Steely McBeam
Nickname Steely
Home Sydney, Australia
Occupation Student
Assignment tracker CO06

Jack Steelson is an evolved human with the ability of hydrokinesis.


Jack Steelson grew up in Sydney, Australia, living a relatively normal life. He always felt like an outcast, and when his ability manifested he finally felt the power he knew he deserved.

Character History

Dave Rogers, Part 1

Gael Cruz tells newly-partnered Company agents Curtis and Dave that their first assignment as a partnership will be to bag and tag Jack Steelson, who lives in Australia.

Curtis reads over some files on Steelson when they arrive in Sydney, then head to Sydney Community College, Steelson's location. In his dorm, Steelson is confronted by Curtis and Dave, and he attacks them with a spray of water. He then escapes through the fire escape. The two Company agents pursue him from the air, but Steelson escapes into a subway station to evade them.

Dave Rogers, Part 2

After re-appearing and almost drowning the Company agents and civilians using the sea water with his ability to flood the area, Steelson then battles Curtis and Dave, but is paralysed by Dave and later captured by the police. However, the news reports that he mysteriously disappeared from the transport van's cells.

Dave Rogers, Part 3

Dave learns that Steelson was injected with adrenaline to reverse the effects of his paralysis, and is now placed in Level 5.

Later, Dave heads to Steelson's cell to confront him. After shoving him up against a wall, Dave realizes that Steelson has no idea that he killed Dave's girlfriend. Dave promises to Steelson that he will hunt him down one day, and leaves without another word.

Two years later, Gabriel Bishop calls Dave, mentioning that Steelson escaped in the Level 5 breakout, and now that he is out in the open, Dave can have his revenge.

Evolved Human Abilities

Hydrokinesis is the ability to move, create and manipulate water. Jack Steelson has varying control over this ability depending on his emotional state, with his ability heightened in states of anger or fear and lessened in most other cases.

At first he could only move water, but after practice and a great deal of time he developed the ability to manipulate water, changing it's state, volume, and weight. After further advancements in time he gained the ability to turn any water vapor into larger amounts of water creating great amounts of fluid. This has allowed him to spray water from his hands, as well as attack people with these sprays (Dave Rogers, Part 1). He has also shown immense control over water, and was able to summon torrents of seawater from the seas (Dave Rogers, Part 2).

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