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This article archives the history of Irony during Volume One. For more about Irony, see the main article.

Character History

Hidden in the Darkness

Irony is waiting for Derek with Claude and Gabriel. As Derek was late, they started to get anxious. When Derek finally does come, Irony questions what is wrong with his ability, and he explains that he discharges when he uses it. They take him back to the warehouse where they try to help him, but a company agent storms in. Irony uses his ability to stop him and the rest of the team tie him up. After this, they all leave.


After the company agents escaped, Irony helped Derek to use his power. At first he was under the influence of ability diminishment, but when Derek was released he overcharged, creating a ball of electricity in the center of the room, with him in it. After Gabriel turned the room into gold, Irony saw that this wouldn't work, and so blocked the electricity with his ability until he got close enough to drain Derek with his ability.

How to Stop an Exploding Van

Irony finds out that the next person they have to try and help is Richard Gold. When they get to the park where Richard Gold is, Irony spots Elle, a company agent who used to work with Gabriel and Claude. When she sees them, she sends a burst of electricity causing it to explode. Abigail, however, saw this and encased the whole of the inside of the van, saving Irony and everyone else. They are then arrested by Officer Bonkin, and questioned. When Officer Bonkin is about to leave Irony grabs him, draining his life force.


After being teleported out of the prison by Gabriel, Irony remains at the warehouse. When Claude gets back, a strange girl with super speed approaches them and asks them if they are interested in joining a company, called Pinehearst. When she leaves Derek interrogates Claude and Gabriel, while Irony looks on.

Requiem of a Prison Break

Derek and Irony meet up with Dave Rogers , and explain to him what has happened. After a while, they arrive at the prison, where another evolved human is working. This evolved human has a strange ability, which means that they keep on traveling the same route. Irony then creates a burst of his ability, meaning nobody can use theirs, and that the Evolved Human is revealed. When they reach upstairs, Dave managed to paralyse the Evolved Human and they reach Abigail's cell. Irony then instructs Abigail to create a force field to dislodge the room, and they manage to escape.

Jack the Ripper

Irony, Derek, Gabriel and Claude are in a park eating, the go into a shop where they find a girl, called Jenny, who can turn things on and off. They are then approached by Officer Bonkin who is asking them for help regarding the new Jack the Ripper.

Murder at Whitechapel

While waiting in Whitechapel, Irony calms Gabriel, saying that the murder will happen. When they find where it was, Jack chases the team, they manage to escape with Officer Bonkin, but don't capture Jack. While in the warehouse, Jack uses fear induction on Irony, making Gabriel look like Jack. Irony uses this ability to try and kill him, leaving Gabriel fighting for his life, without his abilities.

Ambush from an Outside Source

Irony lies in bed with everyone around him, he remain weak while Jack enters and tries to kill everyone. Claude turns him invisible and he manages to escape. When they defeat Jack, Irony remains unharmed. Back in the warehouse, Irony and the rest of Cockney Heroes are eating, after a few minutes company agents break in and taser everyone, apart from Claude who manages to escape.

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