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Ability Diminishment
Irony drains energy from an area, causing vision to go blue.
Held by: Irony
Ability to: Diminish the effects of an ability

Ability Diminishment is the ability to decrease the effects of an evolved human's ability.


  • Irony is the only character known to have this ability.


Irony has shown that his ability takes a few seconds to fully stop an ability, as he did with Frederick Davies' pyrokinesis (Hidden in the Darkness). Irony has also been able to create "shields" with his ability, as he has demonstrated with electrical manipulation, the shield, instead of bouncing off of him, absorbs the attack into him (Nemesis). When Irony uses his ability on a non-evolved human it is similar to the ability of dehydration, the person's skin shrivels and their brain goes into recession (How to Stop an Exploding Van). Irony has shown that he is able to produce "bursts" of his power. When he does this the air around him darkens slightly and it lasts for about two minutes (Requiem of a Prison Break). Irony has also been shown to take the abilities of a person altogether, when he does this, at first the ability stops working and then the effects of this ability on a non-evolved human take effect (Murder at Whitechapel). Irony showed that he can also remove the energy from objects. When he does this the room goes dark, but especially a central "bar" of energy, which goes competely black, the room goes cold and the movement of any objects is slowed (Veni Vidi Expugnavi). Irony can now use his ability more accurately, choosing his targets and weakening them selectively (The Die Is Cast).

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