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First appearance Hidden in the Darkness
In-story stats
Known ability Ability Diminishment
Formal name Robert Smith
Alias Irony
Assignment tracker CH05

Irony is the member of a group of fugitives in Cockney Heroes with the power of ability diminishment.

Character History

Volume One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Irony: Volume One history.

Irony waits with Claude and Gabriel Bishop for Derek so he can join the team that was formed of people with abilities. When teaching Derek to use and control, Derek spots a Company agent who has come to the warehouse, Irony stops the agent and the team interrogate him. His name was Frederick Davies, but escaped with his partner's help. Their next assignment was to help a man named Richard Gold, however Elle Bishop arrives and causes the team to lose him. After losing the police, they are offered to join Pinehearst, but reject. The team then listen to Claude and Gabriel's stories from when the pair were Company agents, they soon get a heads up from Officer Bonkin, say where Jack will murder next. The Cockney Heroes recruit Jenny Rowland and go to find Jack the Ripper. Once they confront him, Jack makes Irony see his worst fears, possesses him and drains Gabriel's ability away, but the team escape. Though after Jack takes Frederick Davies' form and finds the team, another fight breaks out in a hospital, Irony wakes up and helps to defeat Jack.

Three weeks later, Irony and the others celebrate Jack's demise. All of a sudden, Danko's team ambushes the party and captures Irony, Gabriel, Jenny, and Derek with tasers.

Volume Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Irony: Volume Two history.

Irony awakes with Derek in a cell. Confused as to why they are there, they meet Eric Cowell, another evolved human, and discover that the prison in which they are is for "specials" only. The prison's boss, Consuela Hammock, gives a speech which explains the situation further. Irony plans an escape but is caught, and after a firefight, is knocked out by an explosion. He and Derek awake in solitary confinement, where he meets Karl and Leckie, as well as some other inmates. Together, they escape the prison and then split up. Irony, Derek, and Leckie decide to head back to the warehouse, and on the way, they meet Tyler, an evolved human who can emit EMPs. Back at the warehouse, Irony helps a handful of prison escapees find refuge, unaware that Shark is watching him. A mysterious woman shows up and informs Irony and the gang about an incoming batch of drugs that they need to stop. At the docks, Irony and his friends battle Consuela, a defected Officer Bonkin, and Shark's gang, eventually coming out victorious.

Evolved Human Abilities

Irony has the ability of ability diminishment, he can weaken others abilities. He has been shown to take the 'life force' of people and can reduce energy, as he has shown to have done once. He can also negate the effects of abilities by absorbing the 'energy' when it touches him, creating somewhat of an ability force field.

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