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Veni Vidi Expugnavi

Volume: Two
Number: 201
Planned by: Irony
Written by: Irony
Edited by: Laughingdevilboy
Airdate: June 1st, 2009
Previous Episode: Ambush from an Outside Source
Next Episode: Shark of the Streets

The Story

“Urgh, where am I?” said Derek, very dazed, “What’s going on?”

“It looks like we're in prison, I don’t know why, it could have been Bonkin but somehow I don’t think so. I think there is something about this prison, something special,” replied Irony.

“What do you mean, ‘special’?” asked Derek.

“Special as in only certain people are put in here, think of the way they caught us. Not exactly by the book,” he replied, “Out of curiosity, try using your ability.”

Derek pointed his hand at the door and nothing happened. “It isn't working, why?”

“I don’t know why, but it could be the result of an ability. I remember Gabriel mentioned a few people like that; one had an ability called erm… “ability void”. I think there are a few other abilities like mental manipulation which stop abilities as well but I am sure if he said that they need to be close proximity.”

“Oh, okay, so what are we going to do? Are we going to try and escape?” asked Derek. “How long have you been awake? Are we allowed out of our cell?”

“We are going to escape, but not yet we need to figure out what this place is. I woke up just before you and I don't know if we are allowed out of our cells, we also need to find Gabriel and Claude, they could have Abigail too.”

At that moment a siren went off, it squealed on for two minutes before a harsh, but strangely feminine voice said, “all prisoners to the cafeteria and don't think about trying to escape.”

“So, we are allowed out?” said Derek.

“Apparently so....” replied Irony, somewhat sceptically. Momentarily, there was a snap, and all the cell doors opened. Irony and Derek walked out together, and as they left the sheer size of the hallway shocked them, there were 14 cells in each row with 2 rows on each floor and 20 floors in all and each cell seemed to hold two inmates. As they made their way to the hall, they met someone in the corridor.

“Psssst, do you know why we are here?” he said. “I was helping a client at work when these men came in and grabbed me with no explanation, next thing I know I am in a cell.”

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” said Derek, being overly cautious.

“I am Eric Cowell, I’m a hypnotherapist; I help people sleep and deal with their problems.”

“How do you help people sleep? Using a watch or something?” said Irony trying to see if Eric had an ability to confirm his suspicions.

“No, uh... I can uh...” stuttered a nervous Eric, not wanting to reveal he in fact had an ability.

“Do you have a special way of doing it? Say, by simply touching or looking at the person?” asked Irony

“Yes, how did you know? Can you do the same thing?” replied a surprised Eric.

“No, I can make people’s abilities weaker and Derek can produce lightning from his hands, so you can basically hypnotize people?”

“Yes, I would call it hypnosis, so you call it an ability? I didn't know there were others like me, so you think everyone here has an ability? Makes sense ...” he said to himself as he walked off. Two minutes later, Derek and Irony arrived at the cafeteria, there were evolved humans crowded around every table and at the top of the room, surrounded by a wall of bulletproof glass was a woman in front of a microphone.

“I’m Consuela,” the woman said, “Consuela Hammock, and I’m the woman responsible for you being held here. You are being held in cell block B because you are different, freaks and a danger to society and need to be held captive. Since you have been held here, you may have noticed that you can’t use your abilities, which is thanks to our Diboaha project, which we are working on administering it to you, and when we succeed, you will be released. That will be all,” she said, pulling her suit down and walking out. When she left the room, the guard standing next to her moved to the microphone and said, “All prisoners, return to their cells.” He then proceeded to take a few pills. As the prisoners returned to their cells, Irony dropped back.

Consuela walked back to her office, which was adjacent to the surveillance room. She sat down and called to a guard. Officer Bonkin appeared at her desk. “You say you have worked with these freaks before, to help catch the fake Jack the Ripper?”

“Yes,” replied Officer Bonkin. “They helped me a lot; without them we wouldn't have been able to subdue him.”

“But you did not catch him. You worked with these freaks, but thankfully you know where your loyalties lie, with us humans and turned them in. I want you to help me capture more of them or risk being held here too.”

“I understand, I will help,” replied Bonkin.

“Now leave me and make sure all guards are taking their pills, otherwise there could be a lot of trouble.”

Meanwhile back in the cell in Block B, Irony arrived back at his cell. “Where have you been?” said Derek, “I got here five minutes ago.”

“The guards are trained or know that we can't hurt them. It shouldn't be hard to overcome them if we get many of us together.”

“How do you know that? You can read minds now?” replied Derek.

“I’m not Gabriel” said Irony bluntly, “You know the guy we met in the corridor, who could hypnotize people? I told him to go up to the guard and put his hand on his chest, the guard didn't even flinch. An untrained guard would have at least flinched.”

“So, what do we do now?” asked Derek.

“Now, we need to escape,” replied Irony. “These doors, they’re electrically locked; even though the active sides of our abilities are being blocked, the passive effects shouldn’t be. You should still have a bigger electric current then a normal person in you; if you force yourself across the door, it might just open but we better wait till tonight, as I can hear guards outside”.

Later that night, Derek stood at the door and put his hand on the lock after a few seconds there was a small click as the lock opened. “Stop,” said Irony, “let me look first.” As he went to the door, he peered around the corner, but no one was there. “The guards must only be here when we’re let out, but we need to move quickly, there could be patrols.”

“Let’s go then,” replied Derek.

“If we’re going to be able to use our abilities, we need to head to the centre of the compound, as the thing stopping us using our abilities, Diboaha, will be centred there.” said Irony, while they were running along the corridor.

“How do you know all this?” asked Derek.”

“Didn’t you watch X-Men, there were super powerful mutants like Magneto, which were Class A mutants, and then there were super powerful mutants who couldn’t live in society without being known. They were Class B mutants, then there were people like Iceman who were pretty....”

“OK, I get it!” replied Derek.

They travelled through corridors, they met with many bar doors, but since Derek could use his passive side of his ability they got through with little effort. As they were walking along a corridor they heard a familiar voice talking to Consuela. They found a doorway and hid in it. “Have all the guards taken their pills?” asked Consuela.

“Yes, will we reduce the adrenaline and get the guards back to the blocks?” questioned Bonkin.

“Yes that would be best. The freak needs rest I suppose.”

Just then Bonkin's walkie-talkie started cracking with reports of doors being open and two prisoners missing.

“What? There has been a break-out in block B? Who were the prisoners? Find them, now!” screamed Consuela as she turned and started heading down the corridor. “I’m going to supervise the Diboaha project myself; I want all guards to get to Block B,” she said to Bonkin.

Irony and Derek snuck into the corridor and started following her. “What is Bonkin doing here? Why is he working with them? And what are the pills they keep going on about?” whispered Derek.

After a few long corridors, they approached a door which said “DIBOAHA” on it. Consuela walked up to it and inserted a four digit pass code. Once the door opened, Irony tapped her on the shoulder and as soon as she turned around he punched her in the face. She fell straight on the floor. "Derek, drag her in." They dragged the unconscious Consuela into the room where a man lay on a bed with a drip in his arm. “That must be Diboaha,” said Irony. “And that must be the adrenaline, we better remove that if we want to use our abilities”

“Something doesn't seem right, why would they take him off the adrenaline unless the pills they keep talking about have the same effect” Derek replied

“Help...” whispered the man on the table who had regained consciousness. Irony and Derek ran over to the man and untied him and removed the drip.

“What have they done to you?” asked Irony.

“They found out that my ability is to not be affected by any ability, but it only works when I am near to others with abilities, but that woman found a way to give the guards my ability using pills. But it was only temporary.”

“What’s your name?” asked Derek.

Obadiah,” he replied.

“Right, we need to get out of here, Derek can you use any of your ability?” asked Irony as Obadiah moved to the corner of the room.

Derek held his hands and sent a bolt of electricity towards the door which disappeared just before it hit the door, five guards burst in and tazers flying everywhere. But just as they were about to hit Irony, he put his hands on his chest, when all of a sudden a blur of blackness came from his hands and the room became cold and dark as Irony removed the energy from the bullets coming towards him slowed down to a snail’s pace and fell onto the floor. When he raised his hands again the room went back to normal but suddenly there was an explosion and the floor underneath them caved in.

Two days later, Derek awoke and opened his droopy eyelids. “Urgh, where am I?” he said.

A mysterious man stared at him. “I’m Karl,” he said, and then motioned to another man next to him, who was squatting against the wall. “His name is Leckie. And uh, we’re in solitary confinement.”

Character Appearances


  • The term Veni Vidi Expugnavi means "I came, I saw, I captured" in Latin. This mirrors the famous quote by Julius Caesar, Veni Vidi Vici, which means "I came, I saw, I conquered".

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