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The Tower of London
Cockney Heroes Tower of London.jpg
Location: London, England
Purpose: Prison,
House to the Crown Jewels,

The Tower of London used to be a prison, which now houses the Crown Jewels. It was one of the meeting places of the Cockney Heroes team.

Notable Visitors


Hidden in the Darkness

Claude Rains, Irony and Gabriel Bishop wait for Derek Simmonds at the tower of London. Derek is late. He and Claude reveal their abilities to each other, and Derek says he has difficulties with controlling his power. He asks they go somewhere else so he could explain his problem.

Derek Simmonds, Part 3

Derek Simmonds, realizing that he is about to be late for his meeting with Claude at the Tower, begs his former maths teacher, Mr. Clayton, to drive him there. Mr. Clayton agrees, and when the two arrive, Derek thanks Mr. Clayton for the ride.

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