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West Rosen
First appearance Live Together, Die Alone
In-story stats
Known ability Flight
Home Costa Verde, CA;
formerly St. Louis
Occupation Student
Significant other formerly Claire Bennet
Assignment tracker CH14

West Rosen is a student at Costa Verde High School in California. He is also an evolved human with the ability to fly.

Character History

For information about West Rosen in Heroes, see the mainspace page.

Live Together, Die Alone

As Abigail witnesses Lee getting captured by government agents, West and Sparrow arrive. They explain to Abigail that they are like her, and are here to help save them. As Sparrow crumbles the building, Abigail creates a force field to include her, Sparrow, and West, and West flies the three of them out of the building to safety.

Evolved Human Abilities

West has the ability of flight. His sole demonstration of this ability was when he flew Sparrow and Abigail out to safety from a crumbling building in the episode Live Together, Die Alone.

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