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This article archives the history of Jake Leckie during Volume Two. For more about Leckie, see the main article.

Character History

Veni Vidi Expugnavi

When Derek Simmonds wakes up after the explosion, he meets Karl Hall, who explains where they are, and introduces Leckie, who is squatting against a wall.

Shark of the Streets

Before a flashback, Derek Simmonds wakes up after the explosion where he meets Karl Hall, who explains where they are, and introduces Leckie, who is squatting against a wall.


As Karl explains how him, Stan Marsh, and Leckie were captured and placed in solitary confinement, Leckie laments that he misses Stan, who was killed during an escape attempt.

Déjà Vu

Leckie tells Derek and Irony that there are five additional prisoners in solitary confinement, and proceeds to explain their abilities. A few days later, when the guards' ability-negating drugs have run out and the prisoners' abilities are back, Leckie and the rest of the prisoners from solitary confinement try to escape. Despite first attempts being thwarted by Consuela's glass tube system, Karl manages to circumvent it and free everyone. Leckie emits a blast of seismic energy at their cell door, which weakens it, and the group escapes using a combination of everyone's abilities.

Sliding Doors

After agreeing to meet Karl at the warehouse, Irony, Derek and Leckie took the tube. As the train suddenly stopped they find it is the result of a hooded evolved human who can release EMPs.

They chase him who avoids Leckie's shots before he is overwhelmed by Irony. Discovering they are both prison escapees and due to a tip off from REBEL, that there are agents waiting for them at the next stop. Tyler manages to reverse the EMP and the group is rescued by Karl who takes them to the sewer, below the warehouse, to the delight of the gang.

Shattered Lives

Leckie and the others arrive at the warehouse after Karl had created a tunnel to escape the train tunnel.

Later on that night, some escapees from the prison arrive at the warehouse and Karl buries underground and creates a bunker for all the escapees. Leckie questions the escapees asking who sent them, he then accompanies them down to the bunker. When Karl has shown them around Leckie makes his way to the surface with Irony, Karl, Tyler and Derek when they reach the top Leckie is shot by an unknown assailant and Karl makes the ground move to make a wall keeping them safe.

The Wanderer Returns

After Leckie is shot Karl makes the ground move to make a wall keeping them safe. Tyler checks his pulse and then declares that he is dead. Derek after the others insist Derek uses his lightning on Leckie like a defibrillator. After this proves successful, Karl takes Leckie to see a doctor to make sure his wound doesn't get infected.

Room 410

Irony, Elizabeth, Kate, Tyler and Derek are confronted by a mysterious woman who tells them that they must rescue Leckie if they are to stop the incoming batch of drugs. After deciding to use Elizabeth's ability to transport Leckie out of the hospital, Irony and Elizabeth leave.

They arrive at the hospital, and after gaining directions from a nurse, head to Leckie's room, 410. Irony uses his ability to get past the police on guard, and the pair escape with Leckie in a sand container, which Elzabeth soon restores. An unconscious Leckie lies next to Irony as he tells the gang they must leave to stop the incoming batch of drugs.

Kill or Be Killed

At the docks Irony, Elizabeth and Leckie nervously await the arrival of Frederick, Derek, Kate and Tyler when the mysterious woman approaches. She tells Irony that he is a good leader but he will no what to do when the time comes. She then explains to a baffled Leckie that she can see the future and has been helping those who keep secret their abilities and desposing of those who mistreat them. She is surprised that Leckie does not know more but tells him that she works for REBEL along with Abigail. The mysterious woman reassures them that they will arrive, which they soon do, apologizing about a hiccup.

Leckie and the team assemble ready to destroy the drugs, Irony gives them all jobs to do using their abilities just as John is shot by the guards. Leckie sets off with Frederick who burns the fence, so Leckie can knock it out. Leckie then repels the approaching guards as Fredericks sends out the signal to the rest of the team.

Leckie and Frederick then save Irony, using their powers together to create a fiery seismic wave which stops Bonkin and his prison guards from killing Irony. As the team reunites, Elizabeth comes running towards them saying Consuela is here, before she is cut off.

The Die Is Cast

At the docks, Dave Rogers paralyzes the Cockney Heroes and helps Consuela tie them up. When finished he releases them and explains to a bewildered Irony that he only helped Gabriel break Abigail out of prison because, he said he would help him find someone, but instead he just disappeared.

Consuela then turns on Dave, and as she is about to shoot, Shark's gang appears and she is sent to her death by Ladzaro. Dave takes his chance to escape unnoticed as the two gangs standoff.

Sarah escapes her bonds and helps untie Leckie, who is attacked by Richard Gold as a fight ensued between the two gangs. Richard transforms a wooden board into gold and swung at Leckie, who ducked and then knocked away his weapon. As the pair began fistfighting, Irony, using his ability, knocks out Shark and his gang. Richard was only dazed by its effects and Leckie proceeded to knock him out with the golden board. The victorious Cockney Heroes, including Leckie, then left returned to the underground bunker to celebrate.

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