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The CH Warehouse.jpg
The Warehouse
Location: London, England
Purpose: To train and help evolved humans

The team of Cockney Heroes train and reside at an old, dilapidated warehouse.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


Hidden in the Darkness

After their first meeting Claude talks to Derek telling him their abilities, he takes them to this warehouse to practice and learn how to use them.


Gabriel and Irony teach Derek how to control and use his power.


Daphne runs into the warehouse and tells all of them to come to Pinehearst, and then just leaves. Claude explains who Arthur is and that he died a year ago. He also explains who Peter Petrelli is. Derek starts to get angry with Claude and Gabriel that they are company agents.

Jack the Ripper

Officer Bonkin confronts Claude and his group to ask about Jack. They said they knew about him, then Bonkin asked for their help.

Murder at Whitechapel

They discuss people with etheric projection and wonder if they know him from the company. But they are attacked by Jack who was possessing Irony, who was then killing Gabriel.

Ambush from an Outside Source

Cockney Heroes are having a party for their victory, asking Gabriel what abilities he now has. Officer Bonkin congratulates them, and suddenly they all are hit with tasers.

Sliding Doors

After escaping the Prison, the Cockney Heroes were going to go through the tube to get to the warehouse. They eventually get there by Karl using his earth aspect of his ability.

Shattered Lives

John Wright, Daniel Schneider, Frederick Davies, Emmett Marks, Elizabeth Whiteheart, Kate Thornton, Eric Cowell and Eddy Thomas gather in the warehouse. Karl uses his ability to create an underground bunker. Emmett volunteers to help, since he has this ability too, and everybody descends into the bunker.

The Wanderer Returns

Karl takes an injuredLeckie to a hospital, disappearing into the air, and others come out and search around the warehouse for the one who shot Leckie. They run into Consuela, Bonkin and Bobby. Consuela says they have to capture the Cockney Heroes and mentions drugs. Irony reveals himself, and Bobby admits he is the shooter. Suddenly, he is electrocuted from behind. Gabriel Bishop appears and greets Irony. Consuela point a gun at Gabriel's head and commands Bonkin to shoot him. Bonkin reluctantly obeys, but no bullet came from his gun. Consuela admits she didn't load it and shoots Gabriel in the head herself, killing him, and then shoots Bonkin. Derek charges electrility everywhere, but misses Consuela, who escapes.

Midas Touch

Mike Douglas has a vision about "some warehouse in Islington" and tells Shark that "there is going to be something he needs to see".

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