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Mike Douglas
Mike Douglas.jpg
First appearance Shark of the Streets
In-story stats
Known ability Precognitive Visions
Age 38
Home London, England
Occupation Criminal ring member
Parents Unnamed father (deceased),
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Assignment tracker CH09

Mike Douglas is Shark's right-hand man. He is an evolved human with the ability of precognitive visions.

Character History

Shark of the Streets

Mike approaches Shark in cell block A's cafeteria, telling him that he had precognitive visions of escaping the prison. Shark takes Mike up to his cell to be discreet, and Mike tells Shark of the vision. However, despite knowing that they will escape, Mike has no idea of how they will. After meeting Richard Gold and confirming that Richard is part of their escape crew as well, a commotion occurs and all the guards in the prison rush off. The lack of guards' presence in the block restores Mike's powers, and he begins envisioning their escape plan. A while later, Mike meets Shark, Richard, and Tara Hoffmann, apparently having finished his vision, and tells of the escape plan. The four then make their way across the cell blocks, where they are joined by Mary, Sophie, and Ladzaro. They escape the building via a portal created by Ladzaro. Two hours later, in a penthouse, Mike listens as Shark announces his plan to take over London.

Midas Touch

Mike, along with the rest of Shark's gang, enter a bank; to the panic of the customers, Shark fires his pistol, even killing a young man attempting to escape. As the gang efficiently rob the bank, police arrive, to Shark's dismay. However thanks to Ladzaro's ability, they manage to evade the police and Officer Bonkin.

Shark returns to the penthouse to find that Richard has inconspicuously made a good deal of money, much to Mike's and the gang's annoyance.

As Shark prevents Tara from attacking Richard, Shark tells Mike to use visions to find the outcome of Richard's actions, during which time the police arrive and Shark convinces them to leave. Mike re-awakens and tells the gang of an important meeting happening at a warehouse, which Shark decides to attend.

The Die Is Cast

At the underground bunker, Emmett guards the entrance with Eddy. They are taken by surprise as Shark's gang (including Mike) attack and Sophie throws giant white balls of plastic at Emmett and Eddy, which solidifies, trapping them. Eric Cowell then comes out and hypnotizes the gang while Eddy attacks the nervous system of Richard Gold and Mike. Shark's gang retaliate and Shark pistol whips Eddy, while Sophie sends a plastic ball at Eric. Shark then proceeds to ask Emmett where the rest of the Cockney Heroes are; he does not reply and Shark shoots him in both legs, repeating his question.

Mike and the gang later arrive at the docks and Ladzaro transports a troublesome Consuela away. The two gangs face off and Mike is immediately a victim of Irony's ability, which knocks him and later the rest of the gang out.

Evolved Human Abilities

Mike has the power to access precognitive visions. In these visions, he can see future events. It appears that Mike can access these visions at any time. (Shark of the Streets)

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