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John Wright
SP Catalyst.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability Machine Mimicry
Alias Catalyst
Age 20
Date of birth 1987
Date of death 2007
Home London
Occupation former mechanic
Assignment tracker CH31

John Wright was an evolved human with the ability of machine mimicry. After attempting to destroy the drus, John was shot and killed Bonkin's prison guards, after revenge.

Character History

Shattered Lives

John is working on fixing a car when agents burst in and hit him over the head with a crow bar, causing him to lose his memory.

He later escapes with the others but has no memory of his family or any part of his life. A mysterious woman tries to help him, however he has low trust in others due to his current condition and runs away. Unbeknown to him, he is followed and shot at by agents; he runs faster than a normal human and his wounds heal very quickly when shot. He continues to run until he is grabbed by the mysterious woman and kept safe until the agents go past. After she leaves, he receives a text from REBEL.

After following REBEL's instructions, John makes his way to the warehouse where he meets up with the other escapees. Karl then creates an underground bunker for the escapees to live in, and John enters it to take shelter.

Kill or Be Killed

John goes with the team to the docks to destroy the drugs but as Irony tells the team the plan of what they must do, John is shot in the neck and killed by Bonkin's prison guards, after revenge.

Evolved Human Abilities

John's ability is to have one's insides completely made up of machinery in result causing one to be nearly indestructible. He has shown to be able to use its strength, speed, and regenerative properties. (Shattered Lives) However these cannot save him from being shot in the neck which kills him. (Kill or Be Killed)

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